How to Design an Appealing Brochure: 7 Expert Tips

An effective brochure clearly and concisely explains what your company does and what it can do for your customers. On the other hand, poorly designed brochures will only scare potential buyers and welcome them to join your competitors. A booklet is a type of leaflet that often appears on a bookshelf and contains various information […]

How to Promote a Podcast: A Complete Guide

Podcasts are an effective audio asset that millions of people like to listen to while driving, working out, or just chilling around. You can find a podcast on almost any topic that interests you the most. If you are a podcast content creator, you might have invested your time recording the perfect podcasts, crafted an […]

5 Tips for Effective YouTube Marketing in 2021

In today’s digital world, social media marketing is booming. Every brand out there has its digital presence on at least one social media platform. One of the more powerful platforms used for social media marketing is YouTube, where many brands invest a lot in advertising campaigns. YouTube is also very efficient for the brands that […]

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Ad Campaigns

YouTube is one of the biggest advertising platforms especially when it comes to video advertising, with a ratio of more than 79% of marketers considering YouTube for running video ad campaigns. YouTube ad campaigns are nothing like other social media ad campaigns because it’s a video-based platform and it can be a bit frustrating when […]

The Facebook Pixel: The Ultimate Marketing Tool

One of the merits of social media advertising is that it provides you with features to test, track, review, and target your ads with detailed precision. The Facebook Pixels play an important role in running your advertising campaigns, especially if you are running a retargeting campaign.   What is the Facebook Pixel? The Facebook pixels […]

How to Create a Social Media Strategy in 6 Easy Steps (Free Guide)

A social media strategy is the conclusion of everything you plan to do and accomplish on your social media. It allows you to track the milestones you set and analyze the progress of their success rate. It helps you assist that either you are going on the right track and right pace. The more specific […]

How to get more followers on Instagram (The Tested Strategy)

As a startup starting from ground zero on Instagram can be tricky. One of the first things you need to do is to gain followers as soon as possible, but how? A trend came into observance where people used to buy Instagram followers and use auto-following bots, which may increase your followers count for a […]

5 Ways for Social Marketers to Avoid Social Media Burnout

Being a social media marketer can be a stressful job. At some point, all social media managers suffer from fatigue and burnout that can be either the environment or the load of work. Self-care and mind relaxing tips and tricks seem to work entirely differently for such job type. Being plugged in all the time […]

5 Common Social Media Questions and Answers All Digital Marketers Should Know

If you think that most people are aware of what social media executives do, then you are mistaken. We conducted a polling survey on our social platforms and the results were shocking. 78 percent of the majority don’t know about what social media executives do. So due to that, they get asked weird questions. We […]

Free 5 Tips to run an Audit on Instagram

If you are a daily Instagram user and want to boost your brand or business through Instagram, then keeping your Instagram aligned with your business goals is the best way to achieve it. You can create awareness campaigns about your brand, and engage with people to develop interest and perform conversions, but to get there […]