Top 5 Reasons why Logo Design is Important for your Brand

When you consider establishing a business and turn it into a brand, you might not think of a logo at first, even some low-key voice might be whispering inside your head that “Maybe you don’t even require a Logo at all”. Ignore that voice, it is a wrong thought to assume your brand doesn’t require […]

Difference between Branding and Marketing?

Once you plan to establish your business, you might get exposed to certain marketing vocabulary which might create confusion in your mind, which can be hard to fetch the difference between them. Branding vs Marketing is the usual question asked by most of the customers who are stepping into the business ground. We will break […]

How to Create your Brand Identity using a Logo Design

It’s Legit when they say that, the first impression is the last. When we observe or perceive anything it leaves impressions in our minds and creates a virtual depiction. For example, if we compare two chocolate brands like Ferrero Rocher’s and M&M’s, what are the first three points which pop up in your mind? Ferrero […]

How Marketers Are Preparing For The Business Post Coronavirus?

Certainly, we all are aware of the prominent term of 2020 “Coronavirus”. This deadly unprecedented virus is swamping hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Sadly, it started to spread its root in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Therefore, the adverse outburst of this highly contagious virus is surmounting the whole world into its grip. As […]

Here is How a Small Business Can Survive during the Pandemic

Unfortunately, the whole world is facing severe crisis set down by the unprecedented outbreak of the Coronavirus. Facing this ugly marauding virus, makes us all believe that we’re trapped in a game of Jumanji, hence having no way out. A lot of governments from across the globe have enforced a strict lockdown for promoting Social […]

Digital Branding; The Need and Importance

A brand without an internet presence these days is a brand without an existence. Everything today is on the internet. Name it and the internet has it. Keeping this into consideration, the emergence of the phenomenon called ‘Digital Branding’, came soon after businesses started existing online as well. However, the NEED for digital branding arose […]

Make Branding Focused with These Elements

The time when marketers had to find ways to bring their advertisements in front of their customers for them to recognize the brand, has gone. Now. branding is here to save the time. Thanks to modern-day marketing, it has become easier for brands to display their advertisements in front of their targeted customers without shoving […]

The Need of Digital Printing Solutions

Digital printing solutions offer to make prints through electronic files. It works by having your desired artwork created digitally on a software and then it gets printed on whatever material you want. Digital printing companies work like an alternative to the traditional and usual methods of printing such as, flexography, lithography, letter press, gravure, and […]

Advertising Trends 2019; Guidelines For Future Advertising

In the past few years, marketers have made sure that advertisements they create hit the right people at the right time. With the help of machine learning, AI technology and more, we are living at the time where targeting the targeted audience is made easier. sd   ,AI technology and other tools are helping advertisers eliminate […]