Creative TVC Advertising Ideas Can Make Useless Thing Worthy

The most important part of the marketing mix is promotion, and practically takes up more than half of the budget of any developing organization. Before we get into details of what TVC products are and what advertising tactics work best, let’s see what advertising basically is. According to Yourdirectionary  advertising is basically the creation of a brand’s identity or its representation through media, which may be paid or unpaid.

Whether you are an already established brand, a relatively new one, or soon to be launched, these tv commercial ideas can really help make your brand stand out in the market:


source: wordstream

1.Take a “You” Approach

Customers should feel valued by you. When you talk about the customers rather than about your brand, they will feel better about themselves, and will remember you as a well-wisher. For example, you could relate to the customer by sponsoring a fun quiz, or offering lucky draws, or telling them something that benefits them. For example, Revlon tells you that ‘You’re worth it’ and may offer a free hair make-over through a TVC for a limited time to grab attention. Clever idea, huh?

Source: .thebalancecareers


2. Mark Your Flags on a Map

One of the most significant TVC products is the customer’s recognition of your brand, especially by your brand name and logo. Target the general public and tourists by sponsoring city maps that one may get at a bus station or train station. While the users of the map may not be directly concerned with the sponsor i.e. your name, but they will look at the map again and again as they use it, and your brand name/logo’s recognition in their brains will be inevitable.


3. Give away Promos!

It is a fact: EVERYONE loves some discount! Who would ever say no to discounts, right? It is a very creative advertising idea to generate coupons or promo codes for your services or sponsor other brands’ services with discounts to increase your brand recognition. There are a variety of ways to get the promotional deals across to a wider audience i.e. by teaming up with another brand, online, or via electronic media. Either way, you can encourage sales using discounts in your ads.


4. Use Up Some Space

Just like walls make a great canvas for artists, literally any space can be a canvas for advertisement designers. You may use the floor of a mall to have a catchy ad displayed like this this one  or just use the components of a surrounding place and turn it into something funky that would relate to your brand.

Street art
Source: wordstream


5. Tempt Their Senses

Advertising is about convincing someone, and what better way to convince someone than to tempt them? When you show something seductive, family emotions or touching other important aspects of you life in your tv commercial, the viewers’ attention will naturally be towards your ad, and it will make your brand somewhat unforgettable. Take Set Wet hair gel’s TVC products as an example. By giving an attractive visual, you may not be laying out your ad on a conceptual story, but the visualization alone is enough to make the customer focus.

Source: British Heart Foundation


6. Refer to What’s Trending

It is a newly popular advertising fashion to make use of the trending ideas such as memes, slogans/slangs, and characters etcto refer to your brand in order to create a friendly relation with your customer base. For example, a band-aid company’s print ad became very popular when they showed a band-aid wrapped around Hulk’s finger. The association with Hulk made the brand look fun, more acceptable and friendly to the customers, and encouraged the audience to remember the brand.


7. Just Kidding

source: wordstream


Source: Imperial blue

A little joking around is a great way to interact with your audience. One thing that all creative  TVC production ideas have in common is interaction with the customers based on what THEY like. By mixing in a pinch of good humor into your advertising style, you can make your brand popular among people of the same age group that may share the same sense of humor.


8. Pun Intended!

Puns are funny, clever, and make the viewer think. If you can come up with a  catchy and clever pun that relates to your brand and conveys your message, you have an interesting advertisement idea already! For example, Taco Bell usually plays around with puns like, “Let’s Taco About it” which means “Let’s talk about it” as well as “Let Taco Bell be the solution”.


9. Show Them What’s Cute!


source: YouTube

People like adorable, cute things. We’re talking about puppy-dog eyes, fluffy bunnies, or just silly kittens. Anything that looks good to the eyes and melts the heart is sure to make a place in the viewer’s mind.


10. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Source: Youtune

Does the ‘jingle bells’ above ring a tone in your mind? It surely does! You must have started to hum the childhood famous jingle that went ‘jingle bells, jingle all the way!’ and this is what a jingle is used for in ads. A catchy rhyming jingle would literally get stuck in your audience’s mind. Take the Ding Dong bubblegum’s jingle for instance.


This list of creative TVC ideas is sure to stir up the market and send your brand a whole lot of good attention. Remember, you’re spending a lot of money on advertising, so it’s best to spend a lot of time and mind on it as well to make that money matter.

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