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A Total Guide to Crafting Best Social Media Designs

A decade ago, you may have called social media a mere exaggeration. But today, a strong social media presence has become a necessity for any business or brand to survive. It has become as significant as telephone numbers used to be in the earlier times. Therefore, incorporating a strategic approach to crafting the best social media designs for your brand is the utmost need of time.

Social media platforms including, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are a great means of connecting business with potential audiences in real-time. They can be used for creating communities and connections; a means of understanding the audience’s problems and providing them with vivid solutions on time. However, all of this is dependent on the way you present your brand over these social platforms using aesthetically best social media designs. So, to help you understand all the tits and bits, I’ve put together this total guide to crafting the best social media designs.

Walkthrough this guide as it unfolds the mystery of best social media designs by highlighting different design types, discussing their usage, and significantly, outlining the tricks of making them worthy and valuable.



Things You Shall Have Before Getting Forward with Social Media Designs

A Social Media Strategy

Always remember to outline your social media strategy before you get to designing the posts. This can include determining the audiences you aim to target, the channels you find perfect for reaching out to your potential audience, as well as the content that is most likely to attract and convert your audience into clients.


A Brief Content Plan

Now that you are done with strategizing your social media designs, this is the time for converting your strategy into a plan. This can include deciding the campaign types, allocating the number of posts for each campaign, overviewing the competitor’s social media content, crafting captions and visual contents, as well as, backing them with design inspirations.


Sizes and Dimensions for Each Social Media Platform

Knowing the exact sizes and dimensions that fit with each different social media platform is essential before getting started with crafting the best social media designs. This can be of great help while designing as you can rightly size your canvas each time and no delays would be made as in sizing and resizing the designs. Also, the sizes for social media designs kept changing so it’s better to update the lists accordingly.


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Tips and Tricks for Crafting Best Social Media Designs

Now that you are done with outlining a stellar social media strategy, preparing a brief content plan, and have also sorted the required sizes and dimensions for your desired platforms, it’s time for action. To help you through this action process, I’ve put together some tricks and tricks of crafting the best social media designs.


Dive in to burst your curiosity! 


Use Content That’s Helpful for Your Audience

“Marketing is more about helping than selling”, we all have been hearing this for quite a while, huh? So, what does this exactly mean? Well, I can tell this to your simple words. The more your marketing team will focus on selling the products and services, the less they would be able to sell. And the more they will focus on helping the audience, the more they would be able to convert. Sales is a separate department so stop pushing your marketing team for sales. And the ultimate way of crafting the best social media designs is using content that can help your audience. They can include awareness posts about the common problems your audience might face, explanatory solutions in the form of your products and services, etc.


Keep Your Content Versatile

Though it looks aesthetic and professional to have all your social media designs assembled in a similar template and color theme, it’s quite nice to have versatile content and designs published on your social media profiles. This can help you attain growth in different formats as well as maximize the chances of attracting huge audiences. To do so, you can create basic square size static images, videos, long sized infographic images, as well as real-life photography as your best social media designs. A great means of calling in versatility to your social platform is sharing user-generated content. You can announce hashtag contests as well as play activities like Instagram takeovers, etc. to bring a variety of designs to your profile.


Invest in Maintaining Your Brand Throughout

Even though versatile content is good for crafting the best social media designs, maintaining your brand identity throughout is a doubt a necessity. Even when you are posting a mix of different social media designs, you should take care that they represent your brand identity and showcase a pattern when seen together in grid forms. After all, the central aim of your social media existence is to represent your brand.


Keep Updating Your Content in Accordance with Analytics

Social media is an unbelievingly fast and none can deny this fact. Thanks to technology, deriving results, and analytics through social media is also a quick thing. It’s a matter of days, hardly one or two, that can derive analytics and determine how big or small your social media designs are performing. Therefore, you can easily use these analytics to further plan and update your content. The best way is to focus on the type of social media designs that are best performing and drop-down those with relatively low impressions and engagements, etc.


How to Get Crafted the Best Social Media Designs?

Social media has become a great means of expanding business and getting onboard successfully requires real struggle and efforts. However, the outcomes are amazing if you’ve put in the right energy and passion. It not only expands your brand’s recognition but is also a direct medium for converting your audience into leads and clients.

Therefore, the best way to make sure that you are crafting and posting the best social media designs is to hire a leading digital marketing agency. They have professionals with high-end industry experience in digital marketing and knows the route to your brand’s success and achievements.

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