Best marketing tips that Work for Twitter

Marketing on Twitter has been a very popular strategy that has worked for most businesses. However, it is not as simple as just uploading a statement with a few hashtags. There is a lot of research, planning, and brainstorming that goes on behind every marketing strategy. Twitter is basically a renown social media network, but is more commonly used as a microblogging platform where all famous, infamous, and general people make statements called ‘tweets’. However, Twitter is a very active network, resulting in each tweet only getting about 18 minutes of exposure before getting lost among the thousands of other tweets.


The reason that Twitter’s marketing tips require more effort than other social media networks is its fast pace. Each tweet needs to be so carefully planned that it makes an impact, otherwise it would just go unnoticed.


10 Effective Tips for Marketing on Twitter:

Best marketing tips that Work for Twitter
Source:Affiliate Marketing


Make the right identity:

Best marketing tips that Work for Twitter

Your identity on Twitter is defined by your handle (e.g. @socialsprout) which is the account’s name. The handle should be easy to remember so that people can easily search you up. Then, your choice of profile photo and header image makes your business’s first impression, so make it right.


Make your bio description count:

Best marketing tips that Work for Twitter
Source:WP ERP

Your business’s bio should include a short and crisp description of what your company does i.e. your products or services. Nothing more, nothing less. (Although, a little bit of humor won’t hurt. You want to make your company sound interesting, after all.)



Identify and Use the Busiest Hours:

Best marketing tips that Work for Twitter

Twitter’s busiest hours, or the peak hours when most users are active, are usually 12 PM, 3 PM, and 6 PM. Most busiest days of the week are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Using these days and times to post your tweets will most likely give you a better response in terms of exposure and engagement.


Know How to Use Hashtags:

Best marketing tips that Work for Twitter
Source:Sprout Social

It is a common misperception that using a lot of hashtags in your tweets will result in more engagement. The statistics actually are against this; in fact, it is found that tweets with more than two hashtags usually have lower engagement than those with one or two hashtags.


Write to the Right Leads:

Best marketing tips that Work for Twitter
Source:Jumpstart Magazine

Twitter has an Advanced Search option. Using that option, you can reach directly those people who are looking for a product or service like yours. Instead of reaching a bigger audience by a general tweet, use the advanced search option to input keywords related to your industry, and then directly approach those users to convert them into your customers.


Add a Visual Element (Image):


As you would already know, one of the most important Twitter marketing tips is to add an image with your tweet. By adding an image, your tweet visually appeals to people and results in more engagement, more shares, and hence, more exposure to the right people. To be exact, an image can generate up to 89% more ‘likes’. Simple software or apps like Canva can be used to write text on images and design an appealing image to convey your message.


Add a Visual Element (Video):


Adding an image sure helps, but adding a video with your tweet takes your engagement levels to another high! Videos are known to be the best form of media to convey messages that stay with the viewer for a longer period of time. In fact, a video gives you a much better chance to deliver your message without having to write too much, and without boring the reader. It helps your tweet stand out amongst the crowd, resulting in a longer exposure than of your competitors’ tweets.


Start an Interesting Poll!:

Best marketing tips that Work for Twitter
Source:Hootsuite Blog

Polls are a great way to get to know your customer’s choices as well as to increase customer engagement! You may choose to post a poll question related directly to your products, or to your industry, or it may be a more generalized poll related to a trending topic like World Cup etc. Not only are posts an engaging form of content, they are also entertaining for the users as they get to see other people’s answers, and compare their choices with others. More often than not, users even start comment wars (online debates) in the comment section about the poll’s topic or answers.


Reach Out to the Influencers:

Best marketing tips that Work for Twitter
Source:ANJ Webtech

It is one thing to try to beat competition, but another to accept competition and use it to your best. Every industry has some most influential brands while others try to get that position. On Twitter, you may search for the most influential bloggers, companies, or any related profiles that have a lot of followers. Request them to promote your brand in a tweet in exchange for a service or fee. It boosts your following like fire in woods!


Buy Ads for Twitter:

Best marketing tips that Work for Twitter

Marketing on Twitter isn’t easy and is extremely competitive. If nothing else works, this surely will. There are paid promotions offered by Twitter to increase your following, viewership, and engagement. While these ads are more expensive than Facebook, they usually give better results than Facebook.


If you include these tips in your Twitter marketing strategy, your brand will definitely see some boost in social media presence!


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