Conversion Optimization Techniques are an important use for all websites, especially those that are operating solely online. Online shops, e-commerce, blogs etc are all highly dependent on conversion rates for their profits and monetization. Conversion Optimization is a part of SEO that helps your website’s visitors convert into your customers. This allows you to earn more through your website as compared to just through advertisements or affiliate marketing.

That’s easier said than done. However, with the right techniques, you can get better conversion optimization of your business website.


Techniques for Conversion Optimization:

Conversion Optimization Techniques You Must Try

Do You Really Need All Those Form Fields:

Conversion Optimization Techniques You Must Try

Not only are customers put off by websites asking for too many information to be input by them including their zip code, credit card details, email confirmation etc, but it also has a bad effect on your conversion optimization rate. Save yourself and your customers the hassle, and ask for only necessary information. In fact, it is estimated that you may get up to a 160% increased conversion by reducing form fields.


Make Your CTA Stand Out:

Conversion Optimization Techniques You Must Try

Your Call-to-Action (CTA) button needs to be noticeable. Make it stand out by changing its color to one that directs the viewer’s attention to itself. How? Just use a color for the CTA button that is not used elsewhere on the site – or one that is in contrast with the background of your webpage, like a red button on white background. An easier way to determine the best color for your CTA button is to check out the color wheel and choose the ‘Contrasting’ color for the color of your website’s background.


Use a Static Banner Instead of an Automatic Image Slider:

Is your website’s header banner an automatic image slider, which looks modern, yes, but it reduces your conversion rate?It is recommended that you use a static banner with a profitable offer being highlighted, and let the viewers slide through the images or scan through the website according to their own speed and will. You should, however, keep rotating your banner image on a weekly basis with different offers.


Substitute Stock with Real People:

Many websites have stock photos on them because they look pretty and HD. While that was a popular move some years ago, people are more into reality now rather than in ‘appearance’. Instead of stock photos, use pictures of real people like the founder of your business. This would make people trust you through your website, and let you have a higher conversion rate.



Highlight, Not Command:

Commanding texts like ‘Sign-up Now’ as your Call-to-Action texts work to some extent, but what works better is when these commands are followed by why the viewer should ‘sign up’, or ‘buy now’. For example, your CTA button may say, “Buy Today to Get 10% off!” The highlighting of the benefit of the CTA can really boost your conversion rate.


Place Video Content:

Conversion Optimization Techniques You Must Try

Video content can attract more than the double of your current visitors and convert them into customers. Why? Because videos are effective on more than just one sense. Placing a well-shot video on your landing page can briefly yet effectively communicate your brand’s message, or show your visitors the reason why your product or service is what they need.


Change Your Headline:

Your website’s headline can do wonders and blunders for your business! According to tests ran by a few websites, changing the headline to a more direct one can help grow your conversion optimization. It is one of the most effective online conversion optimization techniques. For instance, changed their headline from ‘Natural Joint Relief’ to ‘Natural Joint Relief Supplement’ and saw a whopping 89.97% increase in their conversions!


Tie them by the Time:

Your visitors may often come to your website, be impressed by your products, then decide to buy it after some time, and then likely forget to buy it ever. To make your visitors instantly your customers, give them a time limit. Highlight a limited time offer or run a countdown timer to make your customers feel like they will miss out on something great if they don’t buy now. That’s called psychological marketing!


Make Real People Talk:

Conversion Optimization Techniques You Must Try

Word of mouth is so effective because people believe it when someone amongst them verifies your reliability. Website testimonials work the same way – if they are real. Include pictures of your clients along with their testimonials, and put them up on your page to let others know that you are reliable.

These 9 techniques for conversion optimization are very effective if rightly incorporated into your SEO strategy. With the correct and thoughtful implementation of these tips, your website will definitely turn more traffic into profit!

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