Digital Marketing Trends that Helped Creating Brand Awareness in 2019

How Digital Marketing is Changing:

 Digital marketing trends 2018 differ greatly from digital marketing trends 2019. Like the industrial world, digital world is also climbing the ladder of modernization at quite a rapid pace. A major breakthrough of digital media is the commercial use of it, and the digitization of business activities, especially marketing. Digital marketing refers to the marketing activities carried out on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Marketing agencies use various strategies and tactics that make marketing on digital media more effective. Following are the most popular digital marketing trends that have been observed in this year.


Relevant Targeting:

Digital Marketing Trends that Helped Creating Brand Awareness in 2019
Source:MarTech Today

Targeting the right audience is as important as selling your product or service. While mainstream media has the quality to reach a general, unknown audience and targets everyone, digital media is more specialized to business marketing needs. Narrowing down your list of email receivers to only the relevant, potential customers is going to give you a higher chance of making a sale. Imagine sending an email about women’s purses to fifty old men in the age category 60-70. You sent fifty emails, but not even one would count because you targeted the wrong people. Instead, targeting the relevant market for purses i.e. women aged 18-30 would result in many sales. This increases your brand awareness by telling the right people that you are there to provide them services.


Fishing for Eyeballs:


Each view counts as ‘eyeballs’ in marketing and advertising terms. When a brand carries out digital marketing, they aim for as many eyeballs as they can. The users of digital media are extremely occupied and distracted people, including youth, working people, elderly people etc. The main idea of digital marketing ads is to grab attention. You want the viewer to stop scrolling their Facebook News Feed when your ad appears. This is the first and most important step: getting attention. Now, there are a number of things that make people attentive towards your ad like colors, design, overall theme, content placement etc.


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Earn trust before money:

Digital Marketing Trends that Helped Creating Brand Awareness in 2019
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People don’t spend much unless they know they can rely on you. They may spend little amounts as it won’t be that much of a risk but if you want loyal, returning customers, don’t focus on getting them to buy from you. Instead, focus on getting them to know you and trust you. When you earn trust, you will automatically invite a larger pool of customers who would willingly buy your products or services because they would know you better. How can you do that, though? It’s simple: You stop pushing the customers to “BUY NOW!” or “Get this offer now” etc and aim for a more “We’re here for you” approach. Invite the customers to get to know you, like McDonalds has invited people to their kitchen. This is a relatively time-taking approach, but yields better brand awareness and sales in the long term.


Video Content Marketing:

Digital Marketing Trends that Helped Creating Brand Awareness in 2019
Source:LYFE Marketing

Videos are a great way to capture attention, especially for brands. Releasing videos about your brand and its services from time to time encourages audience engagement, and hence results in more people knowing about your brand. It is found through observation that animated videos seem to attract a wider audience. Animation is not new, but is amongst some of the most popular digital marketing agency trends due to its adaptability and attention-grabbing quality. However, video style comes after the importance of video content, which obviously needs to represent your brand in the best possible manner.


Do Something Extraordinary:


Make your brand stand out. It is a hit marketing trend to go against the trends. Even though it is risky, being unique is by far the most effective digital marketing strategy. You don’t want to take a risk against cultural or religious norms, however, as you know how Careem’s latest marketing campaign backfired. You want to stir your viewers thoughts and make them think, ‘Wow!’. For example, According to, REI’s brand awareness skyrocketed when it started it #OptOutside campaign in which they closed their stores on Black Fridays and encouraged employees to go out, travel, and live their lives.


This happened on a Black Friday, the day when businesses are supposed to make the most sales, and this out of the box campaign took everyone by surprise, and made everyone look them up to know them better. In fact, this might have been the best decision the company ever took.


These are the newest digital marketing trends that you can use to increase your brand awareness. However, advertising is a creative process and while these tips may help, the only way to succeed is to put in thoughtful efforts.

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