How long hasn’t it been since you thought of establishing your own business?


Everyone nowadays has one single desire for having their own business. At least one or two members of a family express this desire every now and then.No one really prefers living as a corporate slave their entire life. But they are often demotivated by the complication shared by others regarding business. Of course, it’s not easy to establish a business but it’s also not the most difficult thing to do. All it requires is the right kind of mind to start and then to maintain the “business life.”


While others might discourage you with their minimal information regarding entrepreneurship, Brandians is here to help you with your new journey.


Entrepreneurship; When Do You Know That Is The Right Time?


This is the constant question that will make rounds in a potential entrepreneur’s mind. Not only these but questions like “Why do I want to start a business,” “What funds do I need to start my business,” “Will my business appeal to my target audience” and so on and so forth. The fact is that, this will be the never ending journey of doubts and queries. But that should not make you demoralized. Believe that, queries that are answered become inspirations.


Keeping this in mind, we have answered the first and foremost question that takes place in an entrepreneur’s mind.

If something matters to you and you want it badly enough, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have time — you’ll make time for it. But if you keep waiting for the right time to start a business, you might end up waiting for the rest of your life. Forbes

So, when is actually the right time to start a business?

The answer to this question is something upon which your business prosperity depends. If you are going to start a business and still haven’t questioned this to yourself, then you are heading towards a serious risk.


Timing is something that keeps a great impact on how the business will work. Timing reflects the decision of investment, the timing of when to begin sale and most importantly when to even start with the work in this new and difficult journey.


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Entrepreneurship Skills; Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs:

In the business world, people learn from other people’s experiences. Therefore, to teach you how to judge the timings before launching your business, here are some of the great examples:


  1. Kick off when you believe you are worthy of consumers trust:

Source: RevLocal

According to the CEO of Hero, Kal Vepuri, “wait till your product is ready.” And by “ready” he didn’t mean anything but earning customers trust. Initially, Vepuri decided to launch its product which is a software that helps people manage their medications, through an MVP. He believed this way he can reach and satisfy his target market. However, soon he reconsidered his plan and decided give the product launch a break.


You might be thinking why would he reconsider his decision of a traditional MVP launch?


Well, the nature of the product by Hero was sensitive as well as seeked consumers trust. Therefore, in order to gain the trust of potential consumers, Vepuri decided to omit the prior idea.


  1. Launch your product when it’s needed

It is impossible for enthusiastic business beginners to believe that their product is not fully needed in the market. Every creator believes that his/her product is the ONLY thing that will solve people’s problems, which can be true, but however, not every time is the right time.


According to Jaime Schmidt, the owner of Portland-based natural brand –  Schmidt’s Naturals, it’s important to judge whether your audience has the enthusiasm towards your product.


But how to judge this?


As per her own experience, her natural products receive great response before its launch. Retailers around her were asking for the brochures.This was when she realized that it’s the RIGHT TIME.


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“I quickly recognized the enthusiasm from the community and the serious business potential in front of me, and I drove all in without a formal business plan.” says Jaime Schmidt.



  1. Begin when your homework is completed.


Homework is necessary for launching, maintaining and even stabilizing your business.


The owner of two birds Bridesmaid, Ariane Goldman, has great tips to give you all that will help you in understanding the power of the right time in business.


Two birds bridesmaid is a clothing company that provides bridesmaid dress to women that want to wear it after their wedding.


However, Goldman thought of stating her maternity-clothes startup when she became pregnant. But lucky for her, soon she realized that the timing was incorrect.


“I was eight months pregnant, overwhelmed, and just didn’t have the confidence.” She further added that ,” and I didn’t need the money to survive at that point.”


This shows that your business launch should not depend on how YOU feel, rather it should be decided after some serious speculations. Therefore experts believe, the business launch should require great homework.


These were just some of the tips by great entrepreneurs around the world that might help you in understanding the power of right timing in a business.. But again, the time is always (and not always) right. All it takes is great speculation, homework and right state of mind to understand the techniques of successful entrepreneurship.



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