Facebook Marketing has always been a huge bonus for businesses, especially in the e-commerce field. With more than the world’s 70% population being users of Facebook, businesses are easily able to reach out and market their products and services on this platform instead of spending millions of mainstream media for promotion. Since Facebook is full of business pages, it also offers some very effective tools and features for businesses to maximize their reach and earnings.

With the new updates and additions of numerous features introduced by Facebook to enhance user experience for businesses and individuals alike, there are a number of ways that you can use Facebook to market your products/services and generate revenue.


Facebook features that Help with Facebook Marketing:


Ad Placement:

Facebook Marketing Tactics to Help You Earn

Advertisements are the easiest form of promotion there is, whether it is on mainstream media or Facebook. Previously, Facebook allowed you to promote your business page using ads but you did not have control on where the ad is placed and in what form. Now, Facebook has given you more control and allows you to place your ads in all forms i.e. play the ad as a video by interrupting the content, or avoid irritating the viewers while still getting noticed by placing your ads in a corner as an image or slider in the content. This sort of control allows businesses to place ads in a way that does not make viewers roll their eyes when they see the ad, but rather click the ad to find out more about it if they like what they see in the minimal ad placement.


Show Support with Stars:

Facebook Marketing Tactics to Help You Earn
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Facebook has recently launched a new feature as a test version called Facebook Stars. This is usable in only subscribers-only groups which influencers and content creators form in order to provide their subscribers with exclusive content. This feature is somewhat similar to Youtube’s new feature called Super Stickers. Facebook Stars are basically some ‘points’ that the viewers buy and send to the content creator during live video streams. This not only shows support to the content creator but also pays a percentage of the revenue generated by the purchase of these stars to the creators. Moreover, Facebook users enjoy that their name is highlighted separately in the live chat when they send these stars.


Online Shop:

Facebook Marketing Tactics to Help You Earn

Let’s face it – most businesses have more traffic coming on their Facebook pages than their websites. This finding makes the Facebook page’s followers or viewers a more potential customer with higher abilities for conversion. Keeping this in mind, Facebook allows business pages to have an online ‘Shop’ right there on their Facebook page to let any viewers buy from the business immediately rather than making them go through a longer process i.e. visit Facebook page, then go to website to buy.



Promotional Packages:

Even if you have created your business’s Facebook page just today, this feature is available to you and yields rewarding results. Right after your page is all set up with basic About Us and other necessary information along with a few posts, you can opt for a promotional package in the Promotions tab on your page. Facebook takes care of maximizing your page’s reach, which encourages more engagement and other benefits. What is special about this feature is that the pricing of this package is as flexible as can be – you can set it according to your budget, and that can be as low as $5!


Updates in Facebook’s Creator Studio:

Facebook Marketing Tactics to Help You Earn

Facebook has a Creator Studio for the admins of the business pages to analyze and monitor the performance of their business page(s). This usually has importance due to its functions of letting you view all the messages received on these pages, and for letting you respond promptly to any comments or notifications you might have missed, but most importantly, this tab details your page’s analytics. The most recent features of the Creator Studio are:


Overview of Monetization:

Facebook Marketing Tactics to Help You Earn
Source:Doers Empire

Monetization of your business page in terms of products and services, ads, etc can be viewed under this feature. This feature is available on the Creator Studio page. This overview makes it easier to view and compare your page’s monetary performance.


Creative Tools with IGTV:

Instagram and IGTV features are now also visible on the Creator Studio page. This increases the efficiency of integrated social marketing strategies. You may reveal your Facebook Marketing partners and other information with these creative tools.


Analytics and Insights:

Facebook Marketing Tactics to Help You Earn

How many people visit your page or your website? What age group and geographic area do they belong to? Which gender is visiting your page most often? For how long do these people stay on your page? This feature is like market research of your target audience all in one place.


These five features are essentials of Facebook Marketing tactics, and play a very efficient role in determining how well your business does on Facebook.

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