Five Brands with Best Facebook Strategies and What Puts Them Apart?

Facebook still reigns supreme among social media platforms. Despite numerous channels sourcing out Facebook still lives its life among the others. With the rise of Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube, the best Facebook strategies rule with over 2.4 billion users by being the most popular and crowded social media platform.

However, on an estimate, the vast majority approximately spend 60 minutes almost every day on Facebook. Thus, it makes us think that altogether around average we sleep 8 hours while this shows that about 7% of our waking hours are agglutinated with Facebook.


Despite, other social platforms marketers all around the globe prove through best Facebook strategies that it isn’t over yet. A lot of times a thought arises in our minds why Facebook? The reason being Facebook marketing services have glued users with it through its inspiring and motivating social engagement network.

We can’t say the news travels faster than Twitter on Facebook but within its boundaries, it provides real-time information. Moreover, about 94% of businesses are structured on Facebook; how will it be possible to not explore, spend time, and encourage a throng to use Facebook.


Through the best Facebook strategies, you can reach and bound the potential audiences to gain your targets more effectively. Here you go with five top brands. These glorious brands will enlighten you about the ways of sculpturing your brand’s future with Facebook marketing services.


Five Brands with Best Facebook Strategies

Go Pro

The page just thunders out adventure through its multiple fascinating action thrilling images and videos, standing out from the mob with their enthralling videos. That portrays sky diving, 360-degree summersaults on a trail bike, scuba diving, bungee jumping, scaling mountain, surfing, and whatnot. On a scale of 100%, the users are waiting for their heart-throbbing visual content; since video content has become an inseparable part of our lives.


The Takeaway

An interesting feature counted in their marketing tactic can be visibly being seen that the brand doesn’t show or market any specifications about their action cameras. Through these wondrous heart-catching videos they’ve made their brand image stronger and vibrant.

Moreover, among their best Facebook strategies, user-generated content plays a vital role by using specific GoPro hashtags, for instance, #GoProMillionDollarChallenge; the followers can tag their adventurous videos and get it featured on their page.

Additionally, you’ll find numerous tools on Facebook that’ll help in focusing, understanding, and collecting data on audience insight. Take some time and understand your target audience’s mindset through the Facebook Audience Insight Tool. Through which you can check onto your audience demographics, purchase behavior, geographical location, and much more.


National Geographic

National Geographic, you must have seen them propelling on social media, huh? And if you’ve not then you’re missing out on the greatest social media across the United States with more than 2.6 billion engagements being recorded on their social platforms.

Currently, they are executing one of the best Facebook strategies in the form of live broadcasts. From their experiments to huge series as Safari adventure, national geographic casts everything lives on their Facebook providing their audience with the utmost chance of connecting with the brand and maximizing consumer engagement.


The Takeaway?

Though the great social media strategy of National Geographic has a lot to teach, their Facebook Live activities tell us a lot about the significance of rightly engaging and communicating with the audience in real-time.


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Netflix is the leading video streaming service from across the globe and is serving an estimate of 167 million subscribers worldwide. But that’s not the only great thing Netflix does, they have a stellar social media strategy too. Take the example of their 13 stories series that was run exclusively on their Facebook account; it showcases 13 different actors from different Netflix shows talking about 13 different scenarios. All these videos have got no less than 300,000 to 800,000 views individually. What’s different with these videos? They are exclusive to the Facebook account only and aren’t available on Netflix.

However, Netflix is not the only brand to share exclusive content as a part of their best Facebook strategy. A lot of brands do that and an estimated 58% of Facebook users expect such content to be shared on Facebook pages.


The Takeaway?

Netflix did their job, now is your turn to determine how to create such value for your audience. In case you’re a b2c brand, you may offer exclusive discount coupons to your Facebook audience. And if you’re a b2b brand, you may offer downloadable content exclusively on your Facebook platform that directs your users to the website. If not these, you can incorporate whatever strategy you like. The only condition is that it shall be able to push your audience for engagement. because that’s the primary goal, isn’t it?



Nike. That’s one big name in the athletic industry, isn’t it? Their marketing budget is bigger than most companies’ total investment. And yet, you won’t find any product and service promotions on their Facebook account. They do not emphasize buying their products via Facebook, instead, they have a smooth and flattering brand image already built on the platform. Their Facebook page showcases the perfect balance of science, product launches, encouragement, and charitable initiatives.


The Takeaway?

Analyze your Facebook page and determine how you’ve positioned your brand as a whole. Does it represent your predefined brand image perfectly? Are your products and ideations compatible with what you’re posting on your Facebook account? If not then now is the time to rebuild your brand image on Facebook. Pick up the real ideation and visualization behind your brand and begin with designing the best Facebook strategies for your brand.



If you’re an active Facebook user, you must have come across Tasty, a stellar Facebook page that produces scrumptious videos about food that can be cooked instantly. They have the best Facebook strategies incorporated that has helped them attain 97 million users in a pretty small period of time. But the great part of their Facebook strategy isn’t the video content, a lot of brands share video content. Also, who doesn’t like videos that are short and about food, huh? The key here is that their videos are audio free yet capable of engaging the audience. though it looks like a small thing, it makes a great impact. Especially, when the users are scrolling through their feed, a video that is engaging without even turning up the volume would definitely hit them up to stop for a while.


The Takeaway?

The key lesson that we can learn from Tasty’s social media strategy is that you shall think about each and every aspect that can maximize your content’s engagement and make sure to optimize your content with respect to each of these aspects.


To put it short and condensed, Facebook strategies are an integral part of a brand’s marketing plan. They have the capability to maximize your brand’s visibility across the globe and build healthy customer relations. Although the above-discussed strategies are incredible to bring success for your brand, maintaining a professional brand presence on your Facebook account might call for hiring a social media agency in Pakistan.

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