Top 3 Interactive Content and Its Importance to Drive A better Engagement!

Time to fly deep rather than high with interactive content. Since content can only survive as a king if you follow the fundamentals of content marketing. A matter of truth content is the boss nowadays with almost 93% of SEO marketing services rating interactive content as a highly engaging and informative medium. Join interactive content. As it generates active participation for an ever-lasting engaging audience, it’s the best you can do. Here You go with a content guide.


Top 3 Interactive Content and Its Importance to Drive A better Engagement!


With the passage of time heavy text, static and dull content is listed among the lists of boredom. Therefore, in this new era, interactive content with other various digital marketing services has landed up with new means of customer engagement. Where static content no longer lives.

Agree or not! But interactive content in this current digital scenario is like fuel for the engine of numerous brands. Most brands focus on digital marketing services for highlighting their social presence through numerable mediums. Thence, interactive content counts as one whole package.

Let’s dive deeper! To know why interactive content has been born.


The Significant Birth of Interactive Content

Are you willing to drive organic results?

Well, a short answer for this would be yes.

Over time, there has been an orison for sources to be born that eradicates the declining human attention span. For years, the participants were only passive readers ready to give up content soon. But with a change in interactive content, new practices are born with an idea of participation, focus reading, watching, listening, and downloading that material.


Top 3 Interactive Content and Its Importance to Drive A better Engagement!


With the birth of various SEO marketing services, interactive content is born to play fair and effective on the battlefield. As per stats results, modern-day audiences focus 40 times more on interactive pieces of content, visually appealing and likely to be shared on social media channels that gain conversion rates by 86%.


The Significant Birth of Interactive Content


Furthermore, with new insights comes a package full of benefits. Similarly, interactive content has gained its place in the mind, leading towards visually appealing content that requires immediate reactions by the respondents.


Capture More Data-Driven Insights

In an age of data-driven insights filled with expressions, immediate response plays a vital part.

Businesses prefer to create engaging content through multiple online mediums. Thence, the more data you gather that is relevant and accurate. The better you can optimize. It happens when brands are ready to create immersive content for their spectators, who prefer personalized content that enrolls input and preferences.


Higher Engagement Rate

Interactive content is worth the hype since countless businesses have started working over interactive content. However, some brands are approaching professional digital marketing services for support and assistance. As per survey reports, “80% of the online users will watch a video, but only 20% will read the content.” It shows for higher engagement you need to spend time thinking of suitable content for your audience that’s captivating to watch and listen to.

Higher Engagement Rate


Through frequent polling and quizzes, the audience gets engaged, thence, results in understanding their needs, perspectives, and interests. You need to get customer-centric rather than being product ridden. According to a survey, “28% of Customers love sharing cool, unique, ubiquitous interactive content among their circle.” Well, how can we blur the fact of entertaining our customers with interactive content pieces?


Shoot Up Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty plays a colossal role in the establishment of customer perception. Doubtlessly quizzes, polls, and surveys are significant characters in developing interactive content. Once done with creating engaging content, then you can look out for data. That’s related to customers’ choices. However, this productive approach of targeted interactive content marketing can lead towards higher engagement.  So the creation of a community of individuals is built. Who are ready to come from time to time on the brand’s page because of trust and association.


Sneak Peak in Types of Interactive Content

Overtime content has become the most iconic source of customer engagement due to its numerous benefits. Unarguably, it is a powerful tool for marketers to capture valuable content and insights for lead generation. Here you go with the best types of interactive content.


  • Visually Aesthetic Infographics

Infographics are visual representations of the content through numerous images, charts, text, and colors. It’s a quite interactive content piece that gets shared among the mob. Just a few years later 2017, these pieces of creative writing were coeval. More competition has started. Now businesses have to look for new tactics to apply in infographics-based content for captivating the audiences. However, it takes time to prepare content but is worth spending time on.


Visually Aesthetic Infographics


Don’t trust us? Lookout at the example of the Metoomentum. A movement started between late 2017 with a trending hashtag Me over the globe. It started by raising the voice against sexual assault. Scroll below to view a great interactive infographic that superbly through a dandelion shows the tweets and conversion rates sparkling out as seeds.


  • Engaging Video Content

Video content is and will always remain a popular content format for consumers. It gives more information with human interaction and graphical representations, questions, polls, animation, colors, and text. The static content counts as a boring piece compared with video-based content that is more entertaining and a better way to spread knowledge.

According to Wyzowl, “85% digital marketing services and marketers use video-based content as a marketing tool increasing from 61% rate in four years.”

However, video content is an impressive design that engages the audience and provokes them to stay and react not like some static image or text that is dry and motionless.

Moreover, as per Wyzowl’s survey, “When a viewer is interacting with a video, their attention stays in the content, resulting in a 591% lift in user activity.” Herefore, video marketing gives brands the leverage to brand messaging and lets their customers engage with them that still imagery and text cannot produce.


  • Interactive Polls and Surveys

Polls and surveys are amongst the most valued interactive content that helps in fetching the customer base. You might be thinking about the difference between a survey and polls. A survey consists of multiple questions, on the other hand, polls comprise just one question. Both polls and surveys play as content generators that are great for an interactive customer base because most people enjoy filling up the questions asked. Therefore, it’s meaningful to maintain the survey short and crisp, or else the customers get dissuade.

The trick here is to keep the customer engaged rather than deterring them by asking too much. Netflix is called the best content service provider through its distinguished web series and movies to watch. At the heart of its success is the persuasive marketing done by its professionals. Netflix published its email marketing tactic as it enrolled surveys for generating customer insights.

Moreover, on a website, the polls are usually sited at the end for customer feedback. Therefore, these content pieces are best for customer feedback on the products, customer services, content, and other services. Audience insights get generated through a set of surveys and polls such as location, preferences, interests, name, and more. Similarly, purchasing choices can be judged like pricing, categories, fav brand, and so on.


What’s Your Choice?

Wrapping it all up with the top 3 interactive content types used widely by various brands for uplifting their presence and audience engagement. Herefore, text-based content is old fashioned because the audience wants something interactive. However, text-based content gets generated around the globe. The undeniable truth remains there that people ask for expressive, movable, interactive, and immersive experiences. Therefore, in this modern period choose these top 3 interactive content types.

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