Top Advertising Trends Your Business Needs in 2019

Advertising trends 2019 are changing now. Advertising is a significant factor in how a business performs. Incorporating the latest trends in the promotional activities and strategies of your business can give a boost on overall achievement of long-term and short-term business goals. These achievements may include increased customer awareness and recognition, increased sales, more profits, better competition, and many more financial and non-financial benefits that come with better operations of business. Advertising is basically the communication to the right audience that helps sell the products or services better by highlighting important features and benefits. Hence, as other aspects of business are changing with the modernization and globalization of commerce, the most popular mediums of communication are changing from mainstream media to digital media or online networks.


Advertising trends in future and 2019:


Upgrade with Technology:

Top Advertising Trends Your Business Needs in 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation seem like very technical, expensive terms but are really very easy to incorporate in a business’s promotional methods. Most of promotional activities are now being adapted to the widely diversified markets since the globalization of e-commerce, and this helps the business by adding flexibility in the messages that are sent via advertisements. For example, the automated message that you get when you message a business page on Facebook is automation at its least. Artificial Intelligence can help with targeting the right audience for you via ads and promotional packages that social media networks like Facebook offer when you create a business page or account. Usually, these packages also give you an estimate of how many people the ad will reach, and returns analytics regularly about views, clicks, and more.


Make Your Content Matter (pun intended):

Top Advertising Trends Your Business Needs in 2019

Your content is the matter that you put on your social media pages or website, and unless it matters to the audience, it will be futile.Content includes everything from social media posts to web content. This includes engaging, interesting words that are specifically targeted to the right viewers usually with a ‘call to action’ that encourages the viewer to engage in a desired manner with the business. Different techniques for online advertising trends like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and LSI etcare responsible for increasing your business’s search engine rankings and hence your traffic.



Targeted Advertisements:

Top Advertising Trends Your Business Needs in 2019

While most of targeted advertising was previously being done by collecting personal data and then targeting ads based on the assumed or defined interests of those people, but now after the increased awareness and concern about privacy of users, use of any personal data has been condemned. Since that option is almost gone, businesses have started using contextual advertising instead. This means that businesses don’t collect personal data, but collect the data of websites you visit, items you buy online, ads you click, and other such factors to decide what you like and then target their ads according to that information.


Focus on Video Content Marketing:

Top Advertising Trends Your Business Needs in 2019
Source:LYFE Marketing

Videos are lively, interesting, and specially planned content that attract the most attention. Today’s world is popularly indulged in social media, and the most watched content on social media is video content. For video marketing, it is recommended after various research studies that the main message of the video should be delivered or made clear in the first 15 seconds, because human attention span is very distributed and less now.Usually, viewers react and engage with videos by sharing and commenting which helps with more eyeballs. Moreover, videos have the power to tell a lot in a few seconds by using motion graphics. While text is only explanatory, and images can only have one shot at a time, a video can keep the viewer interested by directing eyes to the focal points.


Voice Search Advertising:

Top Advertising Trends Your Business Needs in 2019

We have all been through this and have wondered whether our phone is ‘hearing’ us talk. This is a very personalized and effective (yet creepy) trend where Google identifies words from our calls and conversations, and then targets us with ads related to those words. For example, if you were talking to someone on call about a particular restaurant, you will most likely see advertisements from that restaurant when you browse the internet after that call.Many believe this to be a violation of their personal privacy, but this is one of the most popular digital advertising trends these days.


These are a few trends that have swamped the advertising market over the past year, and are still growing in their popular usage by businesses. While these trends work best on social media, it is important to remember that everyone is working on these techniques, and how your business uses this technique creatively is what determines your promotion’s success.

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