What Factors Help in the Evaluation of a Logo Design’s Quality?

Well, Folks! Let’s make one thing crystal clear that a “great logo design” is impressionistic. Wherefore, without a second thought, it deals with your subconscious emotional responses and perceptions. Inevitably personal taste becomes the pillar for evaluation of a logo design’s quality.

“Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it.” (Salvador Dali, Spanish Surreal Artist)

A well thought rolled by Dali, explains the worth of novelty wrapped in simplicity that evokes an emotional feeling. Since the evaluation of a logo design’s quality doesn’t have to deal with perfection to capture hearts and minds.

Always remember, whether your brand is fierce and edgy or elegant and sorted; you need to look good. Therefore, well doesn’t always mean luxurious and sparkling.

Whether you’re refreshing or crafting a new brand, you need to adhere to certain principles for the evaluation of a logo design’s quality to enliven. Let’s set our hands on the steering of captivation to make our message clear and crisp through our logo design.


Basic principles for the Evaluation of a Logo Design’s Quality

Before, jumping towards certain principles regarding the evaluation of a logo design’s quality, you need to ask out three things.


  • Are you ready to connect with your audience by evoking an emotional feeling?
  • Are you ready to attract and capture?
  • Are you ready to face multiple preferences?


A note to remember since the Babylonian clay tablet of 3000 B.C involves the engravings on architecture and ointments made in those days. Solely, proves the existence of logos, as it has been among us for thousands of years ago.

Moreover, the Roman legions had plastered logos and a symbol on their shields with crests and coats; leaving behind the memorable signs and gestures to communicate their power and existence.

However, the ancient designers of Mesopotamia were ready to grab attention, invoke emotions and strengthen the anchors of memorability. There to tackling and infusing the viewer’s choice and preference.

Certainly, that’s the reason why we say “old is gold.”

Therefore, the olden times with a touch of modernity have inspired these principles for the evaluation of a logo design’s quality.


1 – Does Your Logo Personifies the Brand Image

Naturally, you must have heard the line, “First impression is the last impression”, well if you want to stigmatize your personality through a logo design in the clutter. So be sure to communicate well with your audience.


Your logo must incorporate a bunch of deals in order to be symbolic.

  • A logo must tell about what and who you are?
  • A logo must show details of your brand
  • A logo must ensure your confidence and high spirit
  • A logo must match with your perceived and actual value
  • A logo must convey a thoughtful message


Once, the logo design has achieved to swallow all the attributes, you’re ready to jump in the throng.

Undoubtedly, successfully branded logos have an in-built message to support the brand’s purpose and mission. Wherefore, FedEx magnificently leads the race in embodying the brand through a logo. Since 1994, FedEx has used a similar logo design until today. With its minimalistic design and a combo of exuberant colors of orange and purple, it has ruled over millions of minds.

Not just the design and colors attract the viewers but the geometrically placed shape of an arrow in between E and X symbolizes speedy delivery that conveys the prime principle of the brand.


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2 – Is your Logo Design Impactful and Memorable?


Trust me, a logo that is highly identifiable leads among the portion of the world’s best logos. Amazingly, Coca-Cola is the most memorable, impactful and recognizable logo throughout the globe.

The logo has never been redesigned since the date it got public in the late 1800s. Whoa! Now that’s huge, well the colors, design, typography and artwork are quite perspicuous. Therefore, it blends up well with technological and cultural advancements along with dashing out the thought that it’s for all; old and young, male and female, so on.

It is significant to focus on memorability and identification during the evaluation of a logo design’s quality. This is how several professional logo designs are focused over while creation.


3 – Is your Logo Artistically Creative?


A quality logo captivates every eye in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Therefore, a great logo needs to be adaptable and unique. Good logos need to become like chameleons, easily merged with the viewer’s preference, perceived value and environment (large or small brand).

In fact, the factors that add up in the evaluation of a logo design’s quality need to be original. Let’s look at the Playboy logo that presents the iconic picture that’s undeniably aesthetic. The logo itself says out loud everything; therefore, it’s a blend of style, sophistication and allurement.

While on the other hand, we have Pandora, a web-based radio station that got its logo redesigned. Due to the shockingly similar style, shape and textures of the logo that were typically indistinguishable from the PayPal logo.

Nobody likes a copycat! Adaptability doesn’t mean facsimileing. Therefore don’t dodge up between the two that’s how you’ll lose the knot during the evaluation of a logo design’s quality. And be out of the race.


Don’t Forgo the Evaluation of a logo design’s Quality


Reenergize your thinking process, by being creative yet defined and polished at the same time. Always focus on the evaluation of a logo design’s quality, as it drives towards the right parking lot. Hence, follow the principles to prosper in the field of professional logo designs. Remember that a quality logo design features on embodying a brand, offers novelty with a combination of creativity and being memorable.

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