Why You Should Create a Simple Custom Logo Design for your Business?

Are you up for designing a logo? When you are ready to start with designing a custom logo design try to keep it simple. In a situation to make something tremendous we add up various flashy colors. That gets unpleasing for the audience to look at. Moreover, we come up with a cluster of font styles that are uneasy for the readers to read. In the end, we get a grubby-looking logo as a final product.

I am sure you do not want a convoluted mess for your brand. The truth of the moment is to get a logo designed with minimal typography, a wordmark, or an image that defines the personality and keeps the audience less confuse. Today people get connected with your brand daily through social media. Therefore, you must make up something exceptional that gets loved by every individual who passes through that logo design.

Most of the time we add up so many irrelevant elements that we forget to incorporate the crucial designing attributes. A simple logo design augments a brand’s personality louder than a complex design. It forms a connection with the audience and separates you from the clutter. Therefore, a simple custom logo design talks more with the consumers because of its simplicity in various ways like colors, font styles, and other designing components.

Time to droll down to the reasons why you need to create a simple logo design for your brands, with some catchy examples of grandeur brands possessing those subtle characteristics.


Brands with Simple Custom Logo Design Elements

We all know that individuals are bombarded with billions of advertisements, notifications, and a lot of other things on daily basis. Therefore, this clearly states that you want a logo that expresses every element of uniqueness. Moreover, it aids to support in grabbing the powerful subconsciousness of the customers. Successful companies understand the importance. That is why they keep their logo designs artistically simple.

The more you add components more your logo gets confusing the customers. Here you go with the list of few famous brands which possess a custom logo design for their massive brand.


Coca Cola

Coca Cola


How can we not talk about Coca-Cola when we are discussing popularity and simplistic attributes? Logos speak about your brand’s personality. It is unnecessary to include multiple elements, despite that you can play well with your logo without an image also. Most colossal brands use wordmark logos to define their personality, without adding extras to give your logo a lavish touch.

Ever since 1885, when Coca-Cola’s logo got designed by Frank Mason Robinson. This old brand’s custom logo design is still among the most viewed and liked logos of all time. The simple text format or let’s say wordmark nature of this logo defines each bit of Coca-Cola. Its simplicity distinct it from its competitors and is globally recognized by millions of individuals.

The font style used is a custom cursive script—created by Frank Mason Robinson in 1885—called Spencerian script. It has very distinctive curves, and when paired with a bold red, it creates an eye-catching and memorable logo. If you see the logo, even at a glance, you’ll instantly recognize it.

Moreover, as we speak of designs so the font style used by Frank is a custom cursive script commonly called Spencerian script. Due to its idiosyncratic curves that paired marvelously well with the red color infatuates every eye that passes through their vision.





Nike’s wheezing tick logo is truly a remarkable epitome of simplicity and uniqueness. This famous custom logo design might look basic and overly simplistic but this tiny tick pick has punched massive audiences. This smooth-running swoosh logo highly defines the movement spectrum that is a great attribute to imply in a sports brand. However, this checkmark or you call it a tick mark signifies a positive image that inspires multiple audiences to correct themselves and always fly in the right direction of their dreams.

This swooshing logo design plays as a trademark for Nike. No matter in which part of the world you are, everyone around you is well-aware of this swooshing tick. Nike’s logo is unique and plays a tremendous part in its growth and popularity.





This piece of fruit does not need any introduction that is Apple. It has widely marked its presence with this sleek, stylish, and engaging element around the world. However, if you are looking for a great example of a simple yet effective logo you do not have to look forward any further. This incredible logo is easily recognized among a throng of logo designs. It has become synonymous with ultra-tech fun gadgets and computers because of its spectacular branding and custom logo design.

Well, not from the very beginning Apple had this simplistic engaging logo design. It was detailed imagery of Newton under an apple tree. As years passed on Apple sliced its logo into a simpler version. As we mentioned before a simple logo can be super effective when done in the right way. Therefore, Apple’s logo is flat in design and three different colors because of its simplistic attribute now it can be placed anywhere on a bag, banner, bottle, and gadget of course to pronounce its value and mark its existence.


Tips for Creating a Simple Custom Logo Design

When we are talking about logos so obviously designing elements like colors, font styles, textures, shapes, and many more factors are looked upon. Therefore, designers must think of concepts relating to minimalism and negative space. By stripping away any extra elements you’re left with a simple yet eye-grabbing logo design that talks about multiple stuff related to the brand’s personality. Mostly, a simple logo incorporates icons and wordmarks that are the name of the business without any image. To keep your logo simple but stylish add up some of the tips while creating a logo design.

  • Use geometric shapes to make your point as it highlights the brand’s value and message.
  • Limit the usage of colors from millions to some 2 or 3 chunks.
  • Translate your idea through a wordmark logo.
  • Try to create it in a way that it can be used in various formats like digital, print advertising, or physical items.
  • Tone down your typographic styles otherwise it looks too jam-packed.


It’s a wrap!

Do not rush after multiple attributes to stuff in your custom logo design. Remember that it’s not your Big Mac which you can stuff with a lot of toppings. Even a Big Mac would taste unappetizing after a lot of stuffing. So think of your audience that how might they feel? Herefore, believe in some of these popular brands with smooth and streamlined simple logo designs that are not just liked but loved by the mob. Be a part of their jungle and rule the kingdom of logo designing.

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