TVC advertising is one of the most expensive yet most effective forms of promotion. If your business is not doing so well, or is surprisingly doing better than before, maybe it is time to consult a TVC advertising agency now. For those who are new, TVC is short for ‘Television Commercial’, and is known to be a ‘game changer’ for businesses when incorporated into the marketing plan. Obviously, the need, eligibility, and ability to advertise on TV varies from business to business and budget to budget, but there are numerous reasons that make this form of a promotion a must-try for all businesses.


Reasons for TVC Advertising:

Why Your Business Needs TVC Advertising

The popularity of TV commercials is mostly credited to the wide reach of audience they cater to, but that’s not all. While that is a huge factor, there are various reasons why your business, or any business for that matter, can gain huge benefits by advertising on television. Read on for the reasons why your business needs, TVC advertising ideas:


Introducing Your Brand:

Why Your Business Needs TVC Advertising

If your brand is comparatively new in the market, or if you have launched a new product line, people need to know about it! If you don’t tell them what you are selling, they would not know whether to purchase it or not. TV commercials are the best form of advertisement to introduce your product in the market with a bang. The more creative and engaging your commercial is, the longer it will stay in people’s memories, making your brand recognition and awareness higher. That is the first step before actually selling your products or services.


Product Demonstration:

Why Your Business Needs TVC Advertising
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Does your product or service have a unique selling point (USP)? Whether there is something interesting, beneficial, or unique about your product, or your business process, it is necessary to get it across on the Television screens to let everyone know why you stand out. When you demonstrate how your product is different e.g. baby food that is packed with nutrition and vitamins, your market would then realize why you are different, and why they should choose you over other brands.



Eliminate or Battle Competition:

Why Your Business Needs TVC Advertising

Let’s assume your business is doing well, but your competitors start getting more attention by starting a TVC campaign. Obviously, since you are competitors, it is not okay to just sit back and watch them take over your market. If your competitors are running their TV commercials widely now, you should, too. You would often see Ad Wars between companies on TV, but remember to follow ethics and rules while using such a strategy. Create competitive ads for the sake of creativity, not for being offensive or to create an attacking approach.


Extension Strategy:

TVC in advertising plays a great role at keeping a brand ‘alive’. Running a business is very difficult at times when there is so much competition, and if your sales or growth rate is declining, it is time to re-launch your products with a new look or any new feature, along with a fully active promotional strategy. In this scenario, you need to reinforce your brand to your market in order to make customers return, as well as to attract new customers. This also acts as a reminder for people that this brand exists, and explains to them how the brand is there to meet their needs or desires.


Gathering Eyeballs:

Why Your Business Needs TVC Advertising

Eyeballs, in marketing terms, refers to views. The more views your promotional element gets, the more likely your market is to convert to your customers. Obviously, since television is so commonly watched everywhere, and is usually watched by people in groups, it has great potential to maximize your reach. This is why TVCs get the most eyeballs. Even if the people who are watching your ad are not always the relevant customers, your brand becomes recognizable by all these people, and hence, is likely to get your sales higher.


Trustworthiness of Your Brand:

Why Your Business Needs TVC Advertising

A TV commercial is immensely costly. Just a few seconds of a slot could cost you millions of dollars to get your commercial on-air. Usually, people tend to trust those brands that are run their commercials on television because of two reasons: One, because only a well-established brand would go to such extent to promote their products; and two, because only a real business would spend so much on advertising.

These six reasons outline why every business including yours needs a TVC. However, what matters more than just running a TVC is creating a TVC that represents your brand professionally and creatively. A poorly scripted or badly directed TVC would do more harm than good; it would cost you millions yet only ruin your brand image.


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