“Advertising is the lifeblood of the digital economy.” The world has stepped into the race of advertising their brand in a way that’s remembered and hard to forget. You need to fight a battle while choosing the advertising medium. Know what you are willing to do first and then decide upon the medium. Digital Video (DVC) and (TVC) Television Advertising is completely two different platforms of sourcing information to the audience.


The battle between the two started years ago, making out opportunities for businesses to communicate in a much easier, persuasive and friendly way. The business must be crystal clear about their goals and targets for choosing DVC or TVC.

Digital Video Commercials (DVC)

Digital Video Commercials (DVC) is a new source of reaching the audience and communicating ideas. DVC’s are displayed to the audience via internet network, screened on laptops, mobile phones, computers and internet-related devices. The DVC’s are longer than TVC’s that are displayed throughout digital platforms.


DVC’s have several elements to process videos such as through display ads, pay-per-click ads, social media ads, affiliate ads, blogs and vlogs. This helps in reaching a concerned set of the target audience, you don’t have to scratch your head for thinking whether it’s reaching the potential audience or not?


Television Commercials (TVC)

The TVC’s are produced and broadcast to a mass audience who are mainly television users. The message is communicated in a persuasive and engaging way. It consists of short adverts containing fewer minutes to be watched by the audience.


The aim of TVC’s is to promote, persuade and inform the audience about the product or service that is being introduced in the market. It is done for brand recalling and brand recognition.


5 differences you must know!

Basic differences between a DVC and TVC


Aim of the brand

Shake up your minds to choose the correct medium of communication whether a DVC or TVC to show it to your audience. The pros and cons are not enough to make a decision; a business must know the answers to some of the questions. Like, who’s your target audience? Is your product a niche? Are you looking for a large or specific audience? Do you want conversions in a limited time period? Do you want to promote special offers? You need to be clear with your goals and then choose up the medium of communication.




Communicating to the right audience

The products and services are made for a specific range of audience and if you want to target them to earn sales and conversions you need to make sure the information is communicated to the right crowd.

The DVC’s helps in satisfying the needs of specific markets and demographics. Through the digital medium, you can reach the niche, DVC do reach a large audience and convey information in a more persuasive and appealing way. The DVC’s can be viewed on the devices that work with the internet.

On the other hand, we have TVC’s that reach a mass audience, although it’s designed for a purpose to communicate to the potential audience it reaches to everyone at the same time. The TVC’s don’t have any link with the internet networks, it works through the broadcasting stations and aired on the television.


The difference in Costs

The digital platform helps in playing videos in a more appealing and provoking way, that not only grabs the attention of the audience but convert their views in the purchase. Let’s look at Facebook ads or even ads that pop up while we’re scrolling social media platforms, or even while we’re surfing through websites.

Digital advertising is a cost-effective way to interact with the audience as compared to television advertising. Likewise, you don’t need a heavy amount to spend on its production and execution.

While we look at the cost of TVC’s the amount is surely heavy, a high rate of cash is required for the broadcasting of the commercial. The time span is attached to it, the rate of the advertisement to be aired depends upon the minutes and number the TVC is going to be displayed.


A healthy amount of information

In DVC there’s no restriction on the amount of information presented, the brands can display as much as they want, and also they use captions and paragraphs for describing their ideas and objectives. In a short span of time, a lot of information is soured and people enjoy watching it because of the duration.

Whereas in TVC’s information has to be limited and according to the rules and regulations of the broadcasting stations. TVC’s do include enticing information but it has to be limited and presented in a different way. Otherwise, there are audiences who try to escape from watching the commercials.


Time Duration

The timing needs to be accurate when displaying any advertisement whether it’s on the digital platform or traditional. The time duration for a DVC is longer than a TVC. The TVC needs to be of a maximum 30 seconds, that’s a short time pattern in which they have to discuss, persuade and inform the audience about the product.


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