Splash up! Your beauty brands with digital existence if you haven’t mingled with digital marketing practices yet.  You need to jump into the pool of digital marketing activities for social engagement and approval.

The beauty sector has crossed the borders of traditional marketing; they believe the fact of interacting with consumers through digital marketing. Why stay behind! Every sector is slipping into the world of digital marketing for flourishing their relations with the audience.

Digital Marketing Tips for Beauty Brands in 2020

Skincare or beauty products are the essentials for the modern age of females. Oh! Wait we have other streams as well the males who have banged the barriers of stereotypical idea towards the beauty products. Let say not only the millennial but the generation Z is up to adopting new ways of buying these products.

The more a brand fabricates easiness and availability of the product for their customers, they’ll be able to communicate, inform, and entertain them in a much better way, well! You all know the answer is Digital Marketing.

Here are some Digital Marketing tips for beauty brands to make profits:

Beauty Brands made for Digital Marketing

Made for each other, surely is a phrase that sets best for digital marketing done for beauty brands, there’s a humongous number of brands working digitally.

Virtual Reality and Digital Marketing move hand in hand

Digital Marketing Tips for Beauty Brands in 2020

Technology has picked up pace in an immaculate way, leaving behind a lot of techniques out of date. Need to hold grip otherwise bang! You’re out from the race; a lot of popular brands have started using the VR as their marketing tool.


Virtual Reality is the stimulation of a physical environment seemingly real but is just a myth; created in front of the user who is far behind from reaching the product. You can check out the product by just sitting in your living room sipping a cup of coffee.

Brands like L’Oreal have leveled up their technological development to move in a much more active way in digital marketing. L’Oreal has come up with a makeup put on the app, where you can apply any beauty product of your choice.


No need to dash to the store, through the website as well you can try on the makeup of your choice on your face parts. VR has changed the mindset and the way to shop; you can easily shop on by using the shop cart button. Convenience for the customers pitches them to convert their liking and preferences towards your brand.


Moreover, L’Oreal has set up a” Beauty Lab” for its customers, where you can try on the makeup of your choice without the struggle of wiping it again and again.

Digital Marketing Tips for Beauty Brands in 2020

Digital Marketing Tips for Beauty Brands in 2020


The Fashion of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most used digital marketing methods, for grabbing customer attention. According to Statista the power of tutorials can easily be seen, with a clear picture of 68.5% views on makeup tutorial videos.

Leaving behind the screening of commercials, in this digital era the information, guidelines and tips are viewed by the users either on Instagram or YouTube. The power of Influencer marketing cannot be challenged. The audiences believe their reviews and recommendations regarding beauty products.

Why not take an example of Kim Kardashian the diva of beauty brands, who started a YouTube channel for influencing women by giving out tutorials regarding contouring, lip shading and much more; with the super talented makeup artist Mario.

According to Google Stats, there has been a 76% increase in ad recall while 26% signifies increment in brand awareness.


Digital Marketing Tips for Beauty Brands in 2020

Brush up with direct messaging

Digital Marketing Tips for Beauty Brands in 2020

Talk to your customer, never leave them on wait, confabulation routine can help to convert your customer’s loyalty. Be there for your consumers, digital marketing has helped beauty brands to interact with the audience in a much easy way. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many others.


Before choosing a beauty product the purchaser does complete research regarding it, Hey! Thanks to the power pack influencers and customer feedback.


HudaBeauty can be a good example of directly communicating with her audience, who love her at the most because of her quick and humble replies, reposts by her having no conditions attached to being beautiful. Thus this helps Huda Kattan to gain popularity, engagement, sales and maximum profits.

According to Statista 48%, people fall for reading reviews, feedbacks and comments when they want to shop for beauty brands.

Beauty brands need to understand the significance of social media in digital marketing. It is the basic tool for gearing up your brand; you need to set up platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, YouTube, Pinterest and many others.

Nowadays the digital world is everything, for easy-peasy interaction with your audience and product selling you need to have accounts created. To inform the customer about your products you need to be active and start-up with the creation of captivating content that includes written visual and interactive content.

Kylie Jenner! The face of beauty products has the highest number of followers on Instagram, fans are mad about her. Well! The sole reason is the content creation; it is so uniquely brought up that it leads in the digital marketing era.

Through her tutorials, tips and tricks videos, discount offers, quiz sessions, live chats and many other elements contribute to her success that’s the reason why Kylie cosmetics earned $420 million in just 18 months.


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