Calendar Design Tips and Inspirations to Craft your Calendars

Calendars are a part of our day-to-day activities that help us to achieve goals and track events to stay synchronized.

You might have seen several types of calendars with various designs since they come in different shapes and sizes as required by the brands.

Calendars play a silent role in marketing your brand with a huge impact and influence viewer’s mindsets. Due to this reason, you would not want to display a third-party calendar at your office site, and you would require your own branded calendar to market it on an offline basis.

Now even if you have an idea of how powerful a calendar can be for your business you still might get lost in figuring out from where to start and what key point to stick to for achieving a high-class calendar design.

Don’t worry, we have your back covered!

Here we will share top-end tips that our creative designers follow to craft an appealing calendar design.



How to Craft a state of an art Calendar

Here are the top features that would help you out to craft a trendy calendar.


Select a Theme

Before you start crafting a calendar design you would require a proper theme for your calendar that goes along with your business brand guide. Select colors, fonts, graphical elements that represent your business perfectly.

Calendars theme


Make it simple and make sure you don’t make it too serious and cooperate, you would want to craft a masterpiece that your users find appealing and unique. Viewers will be observing your calendar daily so make sure to add surprising elements in it that keep on dragging them till December.


Select the number of Months on a page

The typical calendar format includes 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, or 12 months on a single page. You can select any of these until and unless the numbers are readable enough.

number of Months


Most cooperate companies go for 1 month per page that keeps days readable enough and makes your calendar look official and more premium.

By adopting a single month per page you can market your products for each month and feature your mission and visions or any type of content you want to get featured.

This will provide exposure in marketing your brand throughout the year.


Mention the number of pages on your Calendar

Once you finalize the number of months per page, you can mention the number of pages to keep track of the pages of your calendar. You can also use environmentally friendly paper to keep the atmosphere healthy and green.

number of pages on your Calendar


Select right Images

Select right Images


Images matter the most when it comes to the world of the calendar. But it doesn’t mean you overwhelm users with a bulk of images featured on your calendar. Instead, use the “the less is more” rule and keep it minimal to maintain the credibility and primary purpose of your calendar, which is to provide information and promote your brand, according to your branding guidelines.

Consider selecting a couple of High-resolution images for your calendar and place them accordingly making sure you don’t violate the spacing rule.


Turn your Calendar into a Portfolio

Calendar into a Portfolio


You can also display your portfolio instead of selecting random images from the internet. For example: If you run a cosmetics business you can feature different types of cosmetics to showcase all your brand new products.

This type of approach is most useful for companies and brand with a variety of products and services that contributes in marketing strategies of your company.


Type of Calendar Layout

Calendar Layout


After finalizing the design you can select what type of formats you require for your calendars or what are the placements of your calendar. You can select from a desk calendar to a hanging calendar or a pocket calendar that can be issued to all your valuable customers so they can carry them easily.


Selecting a Printing Technique

Printing Technique


Once you are done finalizing the design and layout of your calendar, you have to select the type of printing technique you want to proceed with.

Refer to our Digital and Offset Printing and we will provide you with the right printing technique that is most suitable for your calendar layout and type.

You can select canvas type from matte or glossy and even get spot UV on the selected features of your calendar that make it glow and makes it look outstanding.


Over to you

Those who adopt these tips accomplish an appealing commercial calendar that can highly contribute to the marketing campaigns of your company.

Just make sure while designing a calendar for the first time your calendar should follow these two basic criteria – aesthetics and relevance. If you can manage a balance between the two you would end up developing an outstanding calendar.

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