Convert Your Social Media Leads with Four Incredible Tools

Engaging with people on social media platforms is the foremost accomplishment in successful social media marketing. The next is to turn those engagements into social media leads, and finally to convert them into your loyal clients. The primary focus always remains on how much contribution these social media platforms are putting into the driving of your overall sales and revenues. Because why not? No company invests in social media marketing to merely interact with their audience, but all of them desire leads and sales at the end of each day.

A lot of businesses are investing both the budget as well as energy into social media marketing, but there are very few who get the results. The majority of them only reach up to the vanity metrics that hardly anything to do with sales. Therefore, to convert your social media leads with perfection, you profoundly need the right combination of tools.

The pool of unlimited social media tools claiming bigger results in less time will surely tempt you in the beginning. But you need to build some patience, there is no gain without pain. Remember the phrase. To save you from these fake temptations, I have put together the four incredible tools which can surely convert your social media leads. Incorporate them into your practices and boom! Your social media leads are soon to land into the bottom of your sales funnel.


Four Incredible Tools to Convert Your Social Media Leads into Clients –


Knowing your leads is the first step for converting them into clients. Very obvious? Yes, it is, but how come you get to know the leads and their preferences? Worry not because CANDDi is here to do that for you automatically.

  • At first, CANDDi notifies you everyone who visits your website along with the referrer and helps you identify the social media leads.


Convert Your Social Media Leads with Four Incredible Tools


  • Later, it tells you about further details such as name, location, the amount of time they spent on your website, as well as the employer company of your lead (so that you get to differentiate whether it’s a potential client or competitor).


Convert Your Social Media Leads with Four Incredible Tools

Convert Your Social Media Leads with Four Incredible Tools

  • Also, CANDDi continues to give more insights about the leads as you begin interacting with them. You can also send significant downloads to these leads and get their feedbacks via survey reports.

Convert Your Social Media Leads with Four Incredible Tools

  • To your delight, CANDDi also provides real-time data of your leads using different pop-ups that can be specified for different leads as well.

Convert Your Social Media Leads with Four Incredible Tools

  • Last but not the least, CANDDi also lets you better interact and nurture the leads using CRM, email marketing and other tools of live chatting.



Testing is a critical step in the process of converting social media leads. It enables you to determine the best variations in your social media pages that are capable of converting your visitors into leads. Testing would have been crucial if there was no such tool like VWO. It makes the process incredibly easier by offering amazing testing features. The key tests you can run using VWO includes –

  • Split URL testing;
  • A∕B testing; and
  • Multivariate testing

Convert Your Social Media Leads with Four Incredible Tools




Apart from the testing, VWO also offers a range of supporting features which include –

A video editor to help you make changes on the page much easily;

Convert Your Social Media Leads with Four Incredible Tools

You can run customized testing in compliance with the behavior of your visitors;

A tracker to determine the scrolling percentage, total time spent on the page, and intent behind exit, etc.

It also outlines the top areas of your site that the visitors are most likely to stay at via heatmaps and other features of recording. It can help you place the significant pieces of information at the places more likely to be visited by the audience.

Convert Your Social Media Leads with Four Incredible Tools

Get your hands on with VWO and your social media marketing game will be greatly strengthened with all the right statistics and insights available at a few clicks.



In the world of marketing where content is king has become the top trending phrase, a great means of turning your social media leads into clients is to curate the perfect content on your website. A cherry on top would be the content created in relevance with what your visitors like.

Evergage does it all for you. From determining what your visitors like to read on Twitter and Face to depicting the behavior of your visitors on the website via algorithms, Evergage fully prepares you to send in the rightly personalized marketing content to each of your social media leads.

Convert Your Social Media Leads with Four Incredible Tools

The key areas in which Evergage assist a social media marketer with perfection includes –

  • As your audience begin to engage with your website, Evergage lands them to the unique content based on their reading history and behavior;
  • It helps you conducting A∕B testing over most elements of your social media pages including the headers to determine the one with the best performance among them;
  • For an eCommerce website, Evergage even personalizes the products in front of each visitor based on their purchase history and preferences – maximizing the chances of lead conversion for your brand.


Zoho CRM –

Converting leads on social media asks for an incredible connection between the brand and the visitor. Connecting them on social media platforms isn’t enough, especially, in this era where there is a lot of doubt and restlessness prevailing about social media marketing and businesses. You might need to interact with them over a phone call, email or via a website to build the trust and finally convert them into a client.

Convert Your Social Media Leads with Four Incredible Tools

  • Zoho CRM makes it an easier process by keeping a track of all your interactions with leads into the sales funnel. Once you have captured a lead through social media platforms, you can work on strengthening the relationship with them via email and also through social media channels.
  • Zoho CRM represents each social media lead in a particular manner to be identified with ease.
  • It also lets you create different listings for the leads. You can assign those leads to the different individuals in your social media marketing and sales team with specified preferences.
  • Moreover, Zoho CRM lets you create separate email marketing campaigns for social media leads to cater to them with personalized marketing tactics unless they are converted into clients and even after that.


To put it all condensed, converting your social media leads into clients is not a daily task. It asks for a lot of effort and most importantly, the art of being patient and calm. The process takes time – from convincing them to follow your brand to interact with them on social media to attract them towards your website, it all calls for efforts and time. However, you can pick up the speed using the above-mentioned tools as a catalyst and perfectly convert your social media leads into clients.


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