With the advent of digitalization, SEO and SEM have become the key foundational metrics of marketing around the globe. The tricks and tactics of SEO and SEM continue to evolve with the evolution of the digital era and as an SEO specialist, it is your core responsibility to be aware of all the changes and transformations on prior notice. The past few months have been the epitome of change for SEO trends as Google continues planning and testing newer techniques every other day. Google Search is changing for better and all the SEO experts should adopt these changes in planning, implementation as well as, reporting very soon.

In this blog post, I have put together the top SEO trends you should adopt in 2020 to uplift your business’ online existence.


Here Are the Top SEO Trends You Should Adopt In 2020 –


BERT and Customer-Focused Optimization –

Top SEO Trends You Should Adopt In 2020

The launch of the BERT algorithm in late 2019 has gathered a lot of attention from the SEO specialist. It is one huge update from Google in the past five years and each SEO professional aims to get along with the algorithm quite well.

Well, instead of running after the optimization of the BERT algorithm, the best thing to adopt for a professional SEO and SEM expert is to focus on customer-centered optimization and delivery of qualitative yet technical content.

Look at how things are put up, indexed, and presented in multiple different ways. With the users having this much different ways of searching things online, it has become more than important for the SEO professionals to adapt to the trends of clean content and architecture delivery. As BERT has been incorporated into the algorithms of google search, search has become more directed towards the intent matching rather than matching the purse strings. The content needs to be curated in compliance with the users’ intent unlike before when the most important thing while curating content was to keep things aligned with the strings of what users are likely to search.

Do you know what’s incredible about this top SEO trend? Most content will become engaging and cheerful when written in focus on the user-intent. Thus, the SEO and SEM professionals shall adopt the trend without any delay and contribute to their brand’s lifting and inclination online.


Voice Search Optimization –

Although, voice search was presumed to be a project meant for being doomed when it was released back in the year 2012, the current position and top SEO trends speak of a different future.

Top SEO Trends You Should Adopt In 2020

As the focus today is more towards technological innovations than ever, voice search has become a much-adopted technology despite having a slower rate of adoption than expected. Google assistants like Alexa and Siri have made lives easier across the globe. People in this globe seem to be in some kind of hurry all the time and voice search enables them to save a lot of time.

Therefore, as a professional SEO and SEM expert, you should gather the focus around voice optimization. It will help boost your ranking in an incredible manner. Also, the brand adapting voice optimization at the earliest is likely to enjoy great recognition and ranking because of it being a newer trend.



E.A.T –

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness are the key metrics on which Google carries out a company’s analysis. With all the new policies of google search, E.A.T remains intact at its position and google continues to evaluate companies based on these metrics even in the year 2020.

Top SEO Trends You Should Adopt In 2020

The companies having reputational concerns might face critical issues in earning recognition and ranking as the trends of E.A.T prevails. Therefore, as a SEO professional it is to better get along with the requirements of E.A.T and keep your content authentic, qualitative and trendy.


Technical SEO –

The incorporation of UX-user experience is another big trend that professional SEO and SEM experts should adopt in 2020. The UX-user experience covers everything from the moment a user begins interacting via SERPs to them landing at your page and also post interaction, in the form of personalized marketing, drip campaigns, and a lot more.

Top SEO Trends You Should Adopt In 2020

The primary objective of the technical SEO trend is to bring maximum efficiency in the user experience business is offering online and to provide them with the utmost value with every interaction.


Mobile SEO –

Another huge trend that is to take over the market is Mobile SEO. 2020 will prove to be a tough year for companies working with old school websites, however, the ones with the Mobile-First approach would surely win the game. A huge percentage of the audience prefers using mobile phones in comparison to desktop or laptop computers. It means that the target audience of most business niches is likely to be captured via mobile phones and through social media platforms to be obvious.

Top SEO Trends You Should Adopt In 2020

Therefore, the most important thing for SEO and SEM professionals is to adopt mobile SEO and make sure that their sites are fully mobile optimized. The best way to ensure that is to design mobile-optimized websites at first and then transform them into desktop versions.

To be short and condensed, the trends of SEO are to embrace a massive change in 2020 and the credit for that goes with the recent developments made by Google in the form of BERT and other search snippets. However, a professional SEO and SEM expert can easily tackle these changes by incorporating the above-mentioned trends into their patterns and practices effectively.

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