To build an effective SEO Marketing Strategy, you must first understand what it is made up of. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically the structuring and forming of a webpage and its content with different elements that are recognized by search engines like Google, which helps to rank the webpage higher on the list of search results when someone searches for those specific keywords.


SEO strategy, on the other hand, is a planned usage of SEO elements to incorporate in a brand’s marketing content in order to generate more traffic, more leads, and higher ranking. However, before diving into what those elements are, let’s first identify the types of SEO there are:


SEO Types:

Elements Your SEO Marketing Strategy Must Have

On-Page SEO:

Elements Your SEO Marketing Strategy Must Have

This type of Search Engine Optimization revolves around the right selection, usage, and placement of keywords on the webpage in the web content. This includes everything from picture captions, titles, to body text and subtitles.


Off-page SEO:

Elements Your SEO Marketing Strategy Must Have

Off-page SEO is one that places ‘backlinks’ to the page, or basically directs clicks from other websites to your website. When a number of different sources link to your webpage, the search engines assume your page to be authentic and reliable.


Technical SEO:

Elements Your SEO Marketing Strategy Must Have

This type of SEO focuses on making the crawling and indexing phase of the website more accessible for the search engines. This can be done by maintaining a fast loading speed of the website, along with other measures that make crawling easier.



SEO Marketing Strategy Elements:

Elements Your SEO Marketing Strategy Must Have

The Right Keywords for the Right Audience:

Elements Your SEO Marketing Strategy Must Have

In order to rank higher on the search engine results, the correct keywords play a great role. Choosing the right keywords can help your website generate genuine traffic and sales. A tip for choosing good keywords is to think like your audience i.e. what would you type in the Google search bar if you needed a product like yours? Then, incorporate those phrases/words into long-tail keywords etc.Moreover, search for keywords with a good search rate but with lesser competition, so that you can make it to the top sooner. Tip: Also include local keywords i.e. keywords with ‘near me’ or ‘in (your country name)’ etc to target local audience.


Place Valuable Content:

Elements Your SEO Marketing Strategy Must Have

As important as it is to have the right keywords, it is even more important to have good content. By good content, it is meant that you upload content that is of interest or value to your target audience. This may be done by focusing your written and visual content on providing solutions to your audience’s most asked questions or problems, or by writing on topics that are of relevance to your audience’s lifestyle. For example, a fashion blog may have several articles about what are the most common make-up mistakes or may provide detailed reviews about popular products.


Optimize Your Web Design to Meet Smaller Screens:

Elements Your SEO Marketing Strategy Must Have

Since people are always on the move these days, websites are mostly viewed on mobile phones, notes, tabs, and laptops. Your website should not be one of those websites that display a disoriented, zoomed in screen because it is made only for the computer screens. However, it is now important to optimize your website for viewing on smaller screens while maintaining a fast responsiveness and loading speed of content.


Building an SEO Backlink Strategy For Your Website:

Elements Your SEO Marketing Strategy Must Have

Backlinks must be a part of your Off-page SEO strategy. These are the links placed on other websites that direct the users to your page. When a good number of reliable websites direct to your page, Google trusts your website to be reliable and popular, resulting in a higher search result rank. Try to get backlinks placed on popular websites i.e. influencers to get more traffic to your site. Having an effective SEO backlink strategy can help your SEO considerably.


Get Your Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate:

Elements Your SEO Marketing Strategy Must Have

Having an SSL Certificate is extremely important for your website now that cyber security is an active issue, especially for online businesses. When your website is secured by SSL, it is more difficult to hack, and has benefits for your search engine optimization as well with increased trustworthiness and security of your website.


These strategies and tactics are some of the key points to making an SEO strategy that works to benefit your website. Amongst the other important aspects of having a well-optimized website, developing an SEO keyword strategy is the most crucial step.


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