Explainer Videos; The Marketing Tool For Boosting Revenue

In recent years we have seen some serious development in the marketing world. With many marketing tactics, like Explainer Videos, turned out to be helpful, others just managed to earn popularity.

However, the marketing tool we are about to discuss today has not only managed to earn popularity in the industry but has also demonstrated to be extremely useful for marketing purposes.

Explainer videos are the recent marketing tool widely popular in the sector. Businesses have been luring towards this tool to market their products and services.

What we will be looking further in this blog is what makes explainer videos so popular and why do business needs this tool to market its product or service.

But before we start with these, here’s a little knowledge for those who aren’t aware of the recent marketing tool called explainer videos:


What are the Explainer Videos?

Explainer Videos; The Marketing Tool For Boosting Revenue

Explainer videos, also termed as animated explainer videos are short timed videos used by businesses to tell their audience about their products and services in a unique way. Unlike other forms of marketing, explainer videos are considered a more interesting approach towards marketing of a product or service.

The popularity of these videos began in 2007 that motivated a lot of companies to consider using this platform for marketing.

There are a lot of reasons that led to the popularity of explainer videos in a very short time. We are now going to discuss and see more such reasons:


Why Explainer Videos Are Beneficial For Your Business?


Being associated with marketing, I know how marketers cherish anything that has been proven to last longer in the audience.

From the time they gained popularity, Explainer videos have been regarded as a tool of marketing that persists in the audience’s mind longer than any other form of marketing or advertising.

This has become one reason why explainer videos have been performed widely by businesses for the marketing of their products and services. However, they are more that goes into the credit of Explainer videos’ popularity and we are here to expel them all:



Path to Increase Conversion Rates:

Explainer Videos; The Marketing Tool For Boosting Revenue

Researchers have proven that only 20% of the people on the internet remember the information they read. While only 10% remember the information told to them verbally.

This brings us to another research conducted by Eye-tracking studies that show us that the internet audience pays close attention to the product or service information presented through images or videos. The human mind is more attracted to information in visual rather than handed out in the verbal or simple form.

Explainer videos have proven to be the ultimate way to grasp the attention of online users and eventually increase conversion rates for the business.


Serves Clarity in Message, Product or Service:


Text can be confusing. Because you can’t predict the manner they take your message in.

Explaining the product, service or the message clearly through visuals and audio, explainer videos leave very little to the imagination. As a tool that helps to eliminate guesswork, explainer videos are a great way to connect with potential customers more.

Apart from entering the message clearly to the target audience, Explainer videos help users understand the business nature and policies.


Makes Your Business Go “Viral” “Trending” :


Phrases like ” it’s going viral” or “ its trending” have now become part of our daily lives, thanks to social media. However, it’s not easy to earn such factors on a diverse platform called the internet. The competition is touching skies and your business is required to do more than just simple marketing to be in the race.

Explainer videos have been recognized as one of the globally used marketing tools to make a business popular.

With their visual elements, grasping aspect and innovative approach, explainer videos have more elements that make it share-able on social media platforms than any other form of advertising.

For a moment if I let all the reasons stated above apart, the fact that explainer grabs the most attention tops all other explanations.

They are short, animated, full of visuals and unique, which makes them perfect to grab the audience’s attention. And we all know that attention is what every marketing tactic requires, which eventually led to higher sales, better business, and great revenue.

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