Advertising Trends 2019; Guidelines For Future Advertising

In the past few years, marketers have made sure that advertisements they create hit the right people at the right time. With the help of machine learning, AI technology and more, we are living at the time where targeting the targeted audience is made easier. sd


,AI technology and other tools are helping advertisers eliminate the guesswork, leaving only the targeted audience to deliver their message to.


Before we start with the advertising trends 2019, it’s important to acknowledge the role of AI technology in this matter. AI has been a great help with programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising is a powerful tool used for optimizing the campaign, targeting audience more accurately and provide more effectiveness in advertising new trends.

Advertising Trends 2019; Here are the Guidelines:

Advertising Trends 2019; Guidelines For Future Advertising

With the year 2019 coming to its end, we have picked out the advertising new trends followed from the onset of the present year. Here are some of the trends followed that will act as guidelines for future advertisers:


Content Still Has its Crown:

You might have heard the commonly used phrase in advertising, “ contact is the king,” well years have gone by and we can still say that the phrase makes sense, after all.


Ever since the beginning of media, the content has been a matter of great concern and focus for the advertising world.


Powerful content is a gateway to address,inform and target the right kind of audience. You can’t sell even a hairpin without having a powerful content written for its advertisements.


In traditional days, the content was surely a common way to inform the audience about the product. But with social media residing in our lives for more than a decade now, content can be seen everywhere. Consumers have now become more content needy. They want to read blog posts see videos and have constant social media updates regarding the product, services or simply anything that advertisements are made on.


This makes advertisers work more on the content. Yet again, AI technology helps in making the content strategy better. It helps advertisers in building content more focused on targeted audience and strategy.


Promoting Contextual Advertising:

Advertising Trends 2019; Guidelines For Future Advertising

The new European Protocol user privacy has ensured the use of contextual advertising instead of companies using information about people without their explicit consent.


Contextual advertising helps in determining characteristics of the targeted audience which purely based on the content of the website pages they visit. This is general data about the audience’s interest. Thus general data helps companies in gaining k knowledge about their targeted audience interest. Hence, it helps them in building more audience-centered advertisements.




Excessive Video Advertising:


Video advertising has been dominating for quite a few years now. And with 86% of the advertisers and marketers using video advertisements today, there’s no way the advertising trend in 2019 won’t show similar results.


Video advertising has been considered a more effective way of advertising in recent years. People tend to grasp more information through video rather than print advertising.


Video advertising helps in engaging and grasping most of the attention of the audience, which eventually turns them into customers from potential customers.


Mobile Advertising:

Advertising Trends 2019; Guidelines For Future Advertising

There’s no way you can deny the fact that almost every form of advertising being consumed is through smartphones. Therefore, marketers need to build their ads by keeping mobile users in sight.


Marketers today have great concern regarding mobile audience while building ads. They are pretty much aware of the fact that their consumers use mobile to know more about the product and services.


Because of excessive mobile usage, advertises ae automatically forced to give importance to social media platforms as well. Advertising trends today are built by keeping social media platforms in mind, which helps them create advertisements that are more effective for the online audience.


These are just some of the advertising trends in 2019 that we believe will continue till 2020 as well. So before creating advertise for your business, product or service do have detailed knowledge about what’s trending and what’s not in the advertising world.

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