Anyone can make a Facebook page for their business, but it takes a lot more than just following instructions to manage it and make it run successfully. It can be challenging for a beginner, but with the Facebook marketing tips discussed below, it just might get easier.


Facebook Marketing Tips that Will Make Your Audience Interact More:


Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Your Engagement

Take inspiration from other Facebook Pages:

Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Your Engagement

Whatever initiative you take, a wise first move is to do a survey and observe. Facebook provides a helpful feature to see what other pages have been up to. The feature “Pages to Watch”. makes it easier for you to draw comparisons with your Facebook page and other posts that may be alike. Go for the competitors’ page’s top posts to observe. It can be accessed by going to your Facebook Page insights and look for the option at the bottom of the page by scrolling down.


Take opinions:


People like commenting on everything that come across their way. Why not give them a chance to talk about what concerns you, and gain some valuable insight? Offer your audience a change to interact with you and get to know what suggestions they have in mind for you. It is a great way of understanding the people you are targeting. It will also help you in your future campaigns.


Less is more:

Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Your Engagement

Most Facebook business owners have shared that their engagements have multiplied by three times when they posted less. There will be occasions, when you will run out of good content to share, so you will stick to whatever you have. Where it may seem that posting every other day is the best way to go about it, making a schedule and following it works more towards your benefit. Following this particular Facebook Marketing Strategy, you get to prioritize quality over quantity. Finding quality content takes time, but if you are a solo social media manager for your page, you will not always have the time to invest.


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Going live:

Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Your Engagement

If we compare the regular uploaded videos with the live streamed ones, we find that the live videos get higher views. “People spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video on an average compared to a video that is no longer live, and people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos”, reported Facebook.

Sharing behind the scenes of your event, or work in progress is a great way to engage your audience. You can also conduct an interview with a famous personality, or host a question and answer session. Even sharing a useful tip while being on live is enough to get those eyeballs. So, the next time you have an exciting news for your followers, ditch the clichéd ways and go live!


Posting when the followers are online:

Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Your Engagement

A great benefit of having your business’s presence online is that whatever you post it stays there available for your followers to catch up on. However, that is not wise thinking. There is no universal time for uploading your Facebook posts or updates. There are many factors to consider while scheduling your posts, like what industry you are in, where your audience is based, but the most important one that every page owner should be concerned about is when their fans come online. You can use your own data to find that. Facebook gives you insights, and that is where you will find the solution to your query. It is better to experiment with posting at the non-peak hours and the peak hours both to finalize what works best for you.


Boosting your posts:

Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Your Engagement

Since, you cannot always rely on the organic reach for your Facebook posts, maintaining a small budget should be your next move. Boost your top posts because they are the ones most responsible for getting you better engagements. You can do it for a daily budget of $40. If you get successful in targeting the right audience, your posts will engage more traffic, and get better reach.


Create specific content for Facebook:


People make a mistake of treating all social media platforms equally. What they fail to understand is that each has a different approach. What works on Twitter may not necessarily work for Instagram or Facebook. Just how, using hashtags is great for Twitter, but they will not do much good to your page if used on Facebook. Which is why the best thing to do while using Facebook marketing for business, is making content specifically for Facebook.


The Facebook marketing tips and tricks listed above are enough to help your business page do better at interacting with audience and receiving increased engagement rates from them. More engagement is always good news for a business!

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