Top 10 Social Media Techniques for An Online Store

Social media is an increasingly popular source of business in the modern era, and it reaps numerous benefits to its users, especially brands. However, not all brands know how to utilize its maximum potential to achieve the most beneficial outcomes for their businesses. The top 10 social media techniques listed in this article detail how social media platforms can be used by online businesses to get better returns and increased potential for profits and sales.


Top 10 Social Media Techniques Your Brand Must Know About:

Top 10 Social Media Techniques for An Online Store

What Content Gets Most Shares on Facebook:

Top 10 Social Media Techniques for An Online Store

Every social media platform operates differently, and has its users respond differently. The written content that gets the most engagement on Facebook specifically is found to be those articles, blog posts, or other written posts that have between 2000 to 2500 words. On the other hand, video content of duration 4 minutes or 4 minutes and 20 seconds gets the best response on Facebook, too.


Does Live Video Content Help:

Top 10 Social Media Techniques for An Online Store

Understanding what content is most popular to engage people online can result in significantly better business outcomes. It is stated by Neil Patel in one of his blog posts that approximately 82% of the users would watch a live video stream rather than any other form of content. In fact, many people are more convinced of reliability and engage better when they watch a live video about or by a brand, and this leads to better conversion rates. All this popularity of live streaming is credited to the fact that brands can better engage with their customers via live video content, and this makes customers loyal to the brand, too.


Are Instant Messaging Tools the New Customer Service:

Top 10 Social Media Techniques for An Online Store

Instant messaging tools including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are highly fast-paced and convenient tools when it comes to customer service. People usually prefer forwarding their enquiries online through messengers rather than calling for customer service. This has resulted in an easier information sharing between customers and businesses, especially through the use of automatic chatbots.


Attract People by Instagram Stories:

Top 10 Social Media Techniques for An Online Store

Now who doesn’t like stories? Stories are the latest trend on social media platforms, and are receiving hyped response in terms of brand and customer engagement. Instagram is a social media platform that is majorly based on pictures and videos which is why its users are regular followers of Instagram story updates by brands and people. One of the most valuable features of these stories are the Poll options – Instagram stories have various elements to make engaging polls to collect data about your customers’ demands and preferences.



Go for Paid Promotion for an Extra Boost:


Another social media tech for online store is to pay for your brands’ advertisements to have more exposure to the right people. Social networking sites like Facebook have a huge pool of data of users and their behavior that brands can very easily cash on – if your Facebook business page subscribes for a paid promotion on Facebook’s Promotional Offers section, the site will market your brand’s advertisement to only those users who are potentially interested in your brand’s services or products, and will likely have a higher conversion rate.


Re-market Your Brand to Revive It:

Top 10 Social Media Techniques for An Online Store

Customers, or social media users, see a lot of brands and different advertisements on the platforms every day. In fact, the competition for online stores is fierce. It is very likely that some of your users were interested in your brand, wanted to buy a product, but got distracted by another ad or post and ended up forgetting about your brand. By re-marketing, you can not only remind your potential viewers to turn into customers, but also make up the minds of those users who might not have paid much attention to you in the first place.


Enable In-App Purchases for Convenient Buying:

Top 10 Social Media Techniques for An Online Store

Remember, the more convenient you make it for the user to buy from you, the higher your conversion rate is going to be. For instance, Facebook now allows business pages to add a shopping cart facility on their pages which makes users so much more likely to buy from the brand as they can instantly buy the products without even having to navigate to another site! This feature has resulted in ease for the customers, and increased profits for the business.


Influencer Marketing for Conversion:


People follow people, and especially those people who have influence. There are many bloggers and social media stars with huge following that brands can use to promote their products through.


Encourage Engagement by User-Generated Content:


Most people on social media are there for the attention to their lives, to be blatantly honest. People like being featured as it gives their profiles a boost in following, likes, and comments. By encouraging users to tag you to be featured on your page, it is a win-win situation for you and for them.


Make Use of Pinterest:

Top 10 Social Media Techniques for An Online Store

Brands are now realizing how beneficial Pinterest really is. The feature of Buyable Pins is a huge motivator for sales, and can give you up to 94% of your total sales!


These social media tech and tips are extremely effective for online stores, and since e-commerce is wildly on the rise, every business can take advantage of them.

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