Five Tips for Creating Perfect Instagram Images That Sells Your Brand

Photographs are definitely a time machine – we travel through them into either the dreams we want to live or the memories we miss living from the past. They are a means of sparking emotions and associations. Instagram marketing, a purely visual platform, is also meant for the same – sparking emotions and associations within your audience. However, you can’t do that without using some perfect Instagram images that are capable of selling your brand.

There is a great number of brands with finely tuned Instagram feeds, a massive following, and measurable ROI and so can you do. But you need to create the perfect Instagram images at first. To help you do that, I have put together these amazing tips for creating perfect Instagram images in this blogpost.


Tips for Creating Perfect Instagram Images

Dive in to learn the top ten tips of creating perfect Instagram images that sell your brand.


Create Captivating Visual Stories.

Instagram is a great visual platform that enables you to create an emotional connection with your audience by posting captivating visual stories. The perfect Instagram images that sell your brand aren’t the product pictures you post following the hard-selling rules. Instead, they can be super aesthetic images capable of creating a connection with your audience and creating a sense of attachment with them.

Innovation has already made it super easy to showcase your creativity into images and so, you can best use your imagination to create perfect Instagram images that softly represent your brand and evokes association and connection among your audience at the same time. However, the key is to keep your creativity focused on your brand each time.


Create Engaging and Trending Images.

Another best way for creating the perfect Instagram images is to keep them engaging yet trending at the same time. There is a range of different topics you can post about on your Instagram feeds but the most trending and engaging among them can include,


  • Educational images that help your audience learn about something new as well as of their interest. For example, if you run a beauty blog and have targeted the young Asian women who are beauty conscious as your audience, you must not educate them about the best burgers in town. Instead, an image featuring top tips of maintaining a healthy skin routine would be great to post.
  • Entertaining images that can keep your audience engaged such as the top five makeup looks by a popular celebrity with your products featured would work fortunes for your beauty brand.
  • Problem-solving images that help your audience get over a bad skin phase are also a great means of keeping your audiences engaged.
  • Motivational images that help to boost your audience’s confidence and morale can also be your way forward to engaging more and more audience.


Incorporate the Perfect Instagram Theme

The best way to make your Instagram theme iconic is to set the perfect Instagram theme for your brand. There is a great variety of themes available, from minimal leans to florals to bold and colorful, you can choose whatever suits your brand the most. A lot many Instagram accounts exist with such thematic feeds for inspiration. Some of the best among them include,


Minimal Feeds.

A great such example is of @minimaliststyle that has basic images posted with simple graphics and zero detailing.

Five Tips for Creating Perfect Instagram Images That Sells Your Brand


Monochrome Feeds.

A great example of monochrome Instagram feeds is @555design. They post simple black and white pictures that are super aesthetic.

Five Tips for Creating Perfect Instagram Images That Sells Your Brand


Bold and Vibrant Feeds.

The best example of bold and vibrant Instagram feeds is @taramilktea. They have a super colorful and attractive feed filled with images that are beautiful and gorgeous.

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Compose and Present with Perfection

Now that you are known to the tips of creating perfect Instagram images, you must also learn about the tips and tactics of composing and presenting them with perfection.



The standard Instagram image size is 1080 x 1080 pixels. However, the image shrinks into 612 x 612 when posted, and appears on the feed-in 512 x 512 pixels. Therefore, every image you post on Instagram should be of 1080 x 1080 pixels. Even if you are highly tempted to post some images that do not comply with the criteria, you shall post them on platforms other than Instagram.

Five Tips for Creating Perfect Instagram Images That Sells Your Brand


For Instagram is a purely visual platform, colors play a significant role in its success. The best thing to do is to keep your colors solid and simple and consistent throughout the feed. Coolers are the perfect place to help you chose the color scheme for your Instagram account.


Negative Space.

It plays a crucial role both in photography and design. If you look at the work of professionally skilled designers or photographers, you will see how they follow the rule of thirds i.e. to dedicate two-third of the frame to negative space and the remaining one third to the subject only. This contributes to drawing major attention to your subject.


Filtrate Effectively and When Required.

Filters are a common feature these days offered at almost every other application that involves pictures. Instagram also has its range of classic so many filters, but they do not need to be used all the time. You shall be keen and observant when applying filters to your images. Some images are themselves enough and filtration only ruins their outlook while some need a filter but only a particular one can bring charm to them. So, it’s always good to select your filters effectively and only when required.

Also, if you want to keep your feed consistent, sticking to a few filters for your perfect Instagram images is a great idea to implement.


Keep Your Feed Interrelated and Balanced. 

This visual-based social platform is not just about creating the perfect Instagram images but to craft a uniform, interrelated and balanced Instagram feed. And for that, all your images must be relevant to each other carrying forward a similar vision from the beginning till the end.

The best way to do this is following a consistent color theme, uniform typography, balanced visual hierarchy and to always keep a check at the top 6 or 9 images that appear first when a person visits your account.

To put it all short and condensed, creating perfect Instagram images has become easier with the variety of applications available online. However, if you want to excel at social media marketing and that too in a professional manner, hiring a professional digital marketing agency can be your best go-to option. They can not only provide you with the most perfect Instagram images but can also handle your account using the ultimate professional tools and let you earn fortunes within no time.

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