How to Write A Super Converting Email to Your Potential Client?

To write a super converting email that grabs you as a client is intimidating, isn’t it? There are times when you feel nervous in front of a blank screen and push yourself to write something incredible, but your mind seems frozen. That’s where you need a proper guide determining how to write a super converting email to your potential client. And so, I’ve put together this blogpost featuring everything important you might want to know before writing an incredible such email.

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Tips to Write A Super Converting Email 

Writing the first email to your potential clients is a massive responsibility. you have to pick the right amount of words and tone them down into some captivating lines that can make an impact on your client, showcase the products and services you are selling, as well as highlight your unique selling point at the same time. Though the key to writing successfully converting emails is personalization, there are so many more factors that count as well.

Here I have put together the six most significant tips to write a super converting email to your potential client. Want to know some more exciting tactics of email marketing?



Focus on Your Clients’ Pain Points.

When looking forward to the market with perfection, research is your key. The better you’ll research your target audience, the better you’d be able to market your products and services in front of them. To write a super converting email, you also need to research the depths of your potential client and determine their pain points. The better you’ll know about what keeps your prospect up all night, the better you’d be able to present the solution in your email. Also, don’t hesitate from being personal with your client. In case your client is a branding lead, talk to them about the key goals and objectives of branding and give them a shoulder to share their workload.

Sounds appealing? The tactic surely is. 


Keep Your Email Templates Automated. 

Now that you have a stellar email template ready that’s capable of converting your potential branding clients, keep it saved via automation. This will save you from a lot of hard work such as rewriting emails when catching up with a new such client.

There are certain different tools available that allow you to automate and save your email templates such as HubSpot, Sprout social, etc. You can easily get a hold of them and automate all your stellar email templates for future usage.


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Write Purposeful Subjects Instead of Cheesy Lines. 

We all know that the subject line of an email is the first thing any potential client would come across, right? So, they should be our primary focus when trying to write a super converting email. However, writing cheesy and vague subject lines is just a waste of effort because they have very low chances of conversion. An average individual receives around 147 emails every day and guesses what? 77% of such emails remain unopened. 

So, you don’t just have to make noise but also put in an incredible amount of effort in making your subject line effective enough to get it opened by the prospects. No cheesiness required just a rich go-to line that promises the solution to your prospects’ actual problem. And boom!


Keep It Short.

Working in the mainstream industries, we all know that there is one thing common for all and that’s is the lack of adequate time. So, a great tip to write super converting email is to keep it short and cut directly towards the point. Don’t waste your time neither theirs in asking ‘how you doing and all’ and move directly to the purpose. Tell them about the solution you have for their problems and showcase your USP. And that’s all.


Add CTAs.

Now that you’ve crafted a super converting email for your potential client, it’s time to add a stellar CTA button that helps them convert without any obstacle. The best practice is to add only one call to action button in your email which can lead to schedule a call, fill-up the form, etc. Always remember to keep your CTAs automated and connected with your availability calendars. So, you do not miss a client in the cycles of ‘when are you available?’ and ‘we are not available at that time.’

Another great way to get your prospect converted is to give them a deadlock. For instance, schedule your free consultation call within 3 business days and get a prompt response. This can provoke your clients to take immediate action.


Personalize but Wisely. 

Personalization is a great provoking factor when you want to write a super converting email, however, it has to be done wisely. Instead of using your prospect’s personal information like name, location, hobbies, etc., it is always incredible to use the business goals and objectives of your prospects for personalization.

A small research on your prospects’ business needs can contribute massively to converting them into your clients.

Though the above-mentioned tips and tactics are perfect to write a super converting email, you might need email marketing services from a social media marketing agency to excel at it. And that’s fully professional to do so as they have skilled and trained individuals known to all the basics. After all, emails hitting your prospects inbox are the source of generating leads and converting them into clients; to maximize your sales and ROI in the end.

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