How Social Media Services are Fighting This Pandemic – Incredible Efforts of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for COVID19

During the crisis like COVID-19, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have become primary sources of vehicles for information purposes. Right now, the world is battling with the deadliest disease of this period the “Coronavirus”. Although we live in a highly techno-friendly and advanced century still we’re all stuck up in the quicksand of disinformation and myths. Remarkably, social media services are fighting this pandemic by altering out misinformation and convincing the public for Quarantine during COVID-19.

Therefore, these social media services are fighting this pandemic with a lot of patience, research work, social consensus and assistance by public health authorities.

Even the WHO Director-General stated in a report that, “We’re not just fighting up an epidemic, we’re fighting infodemic.” This clearly stated that social media sites became a fertile ground for dangerous testaments. However, rumor-mongers were throughout social media.

Whence, against them the social media services are fighting this pandemic. To stop the outbreak of fake data and gearing up an encouraging layer for social distancing.

Hereby, as sincere users of these platforms, we must try to applaud their incredible efforts and get encouraged.

Well, here’s a rundown of how social media services are fighting this pandemic……


(How & Wow) – Social Media Services Are Fighting This Pandemic

Unquestionably, social media marketing experts believe that social media services are fighting this pandemic with great responsibility. And to assure that they’ve created icons, chatbots, newsfeed, stickers, and whatnot.


Thence, these sites are seriously taking measures to not only spread awareness globally but helping out by donating, taking steps for eradicating misinformation, offering advice and connecting with the epidemiologist.


Facebook Brawls with Coronavirus Rumor-Mongers and Reaches to Government Authorities

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook has been in the spotlight since the pandemic started. Certainly, it was difficult for Facebook to prevent the fake news and myths about COVID-19 that were highly streaming upon it.


In precedence, Facebook has favored more credible and authoritative sources for transmitting information regarding COVID-19 in the newsfeed, having the World Health Organization (WHO) and other national authorities.


Moreover, continuous efforts are being made by Facebook on a larger scale by fact-checking on a global range. Therefore reporting, terminating and highlighting the fake news by counting as misinformation. Although it’s hard to detain the spread among 2.5 billion people that use the network monthly, still they are making efforts to stop.


Despite donating 720,000 facemasks that it had in back-pedal for wildfires, the company promised of donating $145 million more for multiple causes like small businesses, health workers during this disastrous disease.


Furthermore, Zuckerberg noticed that Messenger was flooded with high traffic of loaded misinformation.


Therefore, the messenger has given government authorities free developing tools and launched a hackathon for exploring messaging solutions. Along with UNICEF and other agencies, the messenger tried to strengthen the bonds of communication about COVID-19 measures with the public.


Now, the public is reaching out for clarifications, preventions, information and service-centric help. Well, this is how social media services are fighting this pandemic by trying to make an impact in the real world through the provision of necessities at this point.


Here Is How You Can Help Community While Maintaining Social Distance – From Affect to Action for Surviving COVID 19


Instagram promotes Staying Home and Social Distancing

These amazing social media services are fighting this pandemic with incredible efforts of promoting social isolation and physical distancing.


However, Instagram’s main priority during this pandemic is encouraging the world for social isolation by launching stay home stickers.


Therefore, these stickers are amazingly popular among the users these days and each person is trying to support Instagram through the usage of these. Moreover, it has created a new way to browse Instagram with friends together over video chats.


Doubtlessly, the Instagram feeds are surmounted by an ocean of profiles supporting the site by addressing and posting to stay home by setting a trend of distancing from public places. Hence, these features have encouraged thousands of people to stay home.


The social media services are fighting this pandemic for the sake of well-being and plunging in their valuable time, money and other resources.


Not just this, Instagram has also taken vigorous action against the spread of misinformation by rumor-mongers. Whence, they have banned searches for COVID-19 information related AR effects; by allowing their feeds technicalities in favor of trusted sources and authorities only.


Snapchat Develops in COVID-19 a Mental Health Resource

Highly, during these times of pandemics, Snapchat was criticized by many health agencies for taking the situation lightly. However, Snapchat is a widely used platform by millennials and Generation-Z members.


Snapchat came up with an astonishing feature to raise awareness on multiple perceptions and topics. As a result, “Here for You”, a mental health resource for users was launched. Mainly, it included the content on the topics of anxiety, depression, fear, and suicide.


Moreover, it stacked the site with informational and cool Bitmoji stickers that are promoting social distancing and explaining the preventive measures of not touching faces and washing hands. Also, at the top of the Discover page, you’ll find the most recent updates and factual information regarding the pandemic under the banner of “Coronavirus: The Latest”.


Well, it’s not the end, Snap chat has taken these critics seriously and it lit up the platform with more valuable and knowledgeable content with an interactive quiz that tests you’re learning about Coronavirus.


It’s Just the Beginning

Truly, these social media services are fighting this pandemic with effective and efficient preventive measures. Through multiple donations, crafting of forums to stop fraudulent information and joining hands with national and regional agencies. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have played their part tremendously.


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