Here Is How You Can Help Community While Maintaining Social Distance – From Affect to Action for Surviving COVID 19

For the past few weeks, we have been bombarded with email marketing services and campaigns telling us about the affects of COVID’19. It’s been too much right? Now, let’s survive this pandemic with some constructive actions. We have heard a lot of how this deadly virus is affecting the world and what are the chances of catching it. What about taking a turnaround from this excessive information flood and focus on some constructive actions that can help community while maintaining a social distance? Seems interesting? Well, they are unlike the regular lessons of branding and content marketing; instead we have gathered some superb ideas to help community while maintaining a social distance. Take a look at them and you will surely love to incorporate them in these days of quarantine.


Help Community While Maintaining Social Distance -From Affect to Action for Surviving COVID’19


Stay Home, Stay Healthy –

Does it sound repetitive? Well it is for sure but we need to repeat it very often in order to survive this pandemic. This time it is not just about staying healthy in a regular way but we have to bring out some creativity in this game. Here are several creative ways that can help community while maintaining a social distance. Let’s take a look!

  • Workouts via Zoom have become the new trend and a lot of local gyms are offering online classes and tutorials. You might find them a little difficult but they are incredibly fun and can help you become fit in an interesting manner. If you know the basics of exercise, record informative videos and help the community while maintain social distance. Tada!
  • As you all are staying home, anxiety would be the first thing to hit your nerves and will make most of you dull. Well, you can fight this anxiety with meditation and stay healthy even inside your homes. There are bulks of meditation tutorials helping community while maintaining a social distance. You yourself can do that too if you know the basics of meditation.
  • As most of the options for readymade food are obsolete these days, it is the best time to boost up your energy and immunity by using fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, you can showcase your cooking skills by sharing online videos. Sounds interesting? It is without any doubt!

Keep Interacting with Your Social Circle –

Even if we cannot step out of our homes and sharing physical spaces with your homies has become a risky thing, you can still keep up with human interaction using online platforms. Here are some creative ways of human interaction you can adapt and hep community while maintaining social distance.

  • Interact with your homies you used to meet regularly via video calls. Catch them over breakfast or coffee and talk about your feelings, share a healthy sense of humor and help each other pass this difficult time. You can also hangout with friends at Netflix and watch movies together by using their party extension.
  • You can also catch up with your work mates via online video calling platforms and discuss healthy business with them. It will not just contribute into your daily work productivity but also help sustaining relations with your colleagues.
  • You can also connect with the people who lives nearby using platforms such as, Nextdoor. It allows you to carryout healthy conversation with your neighbors as well as check upon those who need something, for instance, medicines, grocery, or a virtual hug.


Spend on Donations and Shopping –

Even in the times of economic uncertainties, there are some people who have got steady incomes are financially stable. It is their time to develop some empathy within themselves and help community while maintaining social distance. Apart from directly donating money to the NGOs and other such platforms, there are several creative ways of spending donations. Take a look at them and you will surely love to incorporate them in your daily practices.

  • A lot of people have been found transforming their little free libraries into little free pantries. You just have to replace the books with food essentials and those in need can pick them up for free. No interaction yet you can help the community.
  • If you possess a healthy body, nothing can be more helpful then signing up for blood donation camps. It will not just save a life but will also contribute to your health.
  • There are so many small restaurants, beauty salons and bars that are suffering the economic instability because of lockdowns. Thus, those being financially stable can buy gift cards for they can be of help for small businesses at the moment and you can use them later once the pandemic is over.
  • You can an amazing example by avoiding the idea of stocking up food and other home essentials. Buy those items that are necessary and that too for no more than a month or two. Stocking up things for years can only create a shortage in market and put the poor population into a despair.


Bring Out the Human Inside –

As the times are tough and everyone across the globe is into a jeoparded situation, the best thing we all can to in order to help community while maintaining social distance is to bring out the human inside ourselves. The more humane we will behave, the more we would be able to help humanity.

If you get to know someone who has been laid of from their employer, show some empathy and look after their financial needs. If you are leading a team working from home, keep pampering them by looking after their technical as well as social needs. You have a couple of old parents stuck with boredom inside home, find out some creative ways to engage them and pass their quarantine. You got kids at home who are tired of missing school and friends, let them catch up with their friends and teachers via social platforms and engage them into healthy learning activities at home. The list goes on and everyone is definitely up with incredibly creative ideas. We would love to hear yours and to share them with everyone! Let’s fight this together.

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