How Social Media Trends are Transforming Logo Designs?

The advent of social media has transformed every other aspect of our society and each industry has been equally impacted by the social media trends. People across the globe are using smartphones more than ever and are highly active on social media platforms. The phrase that used to be the golden rule of classrooms has now become an incredible social media trend. The generation of millennials has taken this phrase sharing is caring much seriously and are all time ready to share their stories and experiences on social media platforms. And for social media platforms are where most of the audience can be captured, brands have started marketing their products and services actively on social media. The trends of social media have impacted every industry and logo designers come at the top of those who are influenced.

To help you understand how these social media trends are transforming logo designs, I have put together all the right details in this blog post. Give them a read and get along with the logo design trends and requirements in the era of social media marketing.


Super Tiny Logo Designs

As social media has become the topmost medium of marketing in this era, social platforms are the foremost platforms where your audience can catch your brand’s identity or logo design. Most people engage in their social media profiles via mobile phones which has a maximum screen limit of 8mm.

This fact makes it necessary for all the brands to adopt social media marketing to create alluring logo designs but in too tiny sizes to fit on the 8mm screen.

How Social Media Trends are Transforming Logo Designs?

However, logo designs have always been made flexible enough to adjust in versatile sizes and dimensions but these super tiny designs were not in the trend before social media. Before the advent of social media, the least size of a logo design used to be 50 mm as they appeared on email signatures, shop exteriors, website bars, and product packaging, etc. Contrary to that m now a logo design has to be made both professional and impactful within the size limit of 8mm to maximize the reach of your brand through social media.

With these super tiny logo designs trends in mind, so many incredible designers are creating minimal designs with the capability of attracting larger audiences using brighter colors and abstract art primarily.


Adaptable Logo Systems

How Social Media Trends are Transforming Logo Designs?

In today’s world, interaction and communication with brands continue to change and transform within days. A new topic gets trending every day and you need to bring transformation into your identity to stay in the competition.

Therefore, it is difficult to cater to those changes every day and that is why the concept of the Logo System has been introduced. The logo system is a kind of logo design that is designed through a framework – having the edge of rapid transformation and modification. You can simply modify these logos every time a topic begins trending and convey your thoughts while maintaining the original identity.

A great example of the logo system can be seen in the logo designed for the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. That logo was designed by highly recognized Pentagram partner Michael Beirut. He has made it super tiny so that it can easily attract the audience on social media, and the delightful thing about this logo is how it modifies every other day and raises awareness on trending society topics. The logo is so powerful that it attracts the attention of the audience with just a few character moves.



Unstoppable Feedbacks and Discussion

How Social Media Trends are Transforming Logo Designs?

One of the greatest social media trends which make a powerful impact of logo designs is freedom of speech. People at social media channels are free to share their views and opinions and that too with an uncontrollable reach. The moment you share something on social media, it can be backed with both positive and negative reviews from all around the globe.

Thus, social media trends have made the brands much conscious about their logo designs and other representations. They have the fear of being judged and have to be very careful about hurting any audience’s sentiments. The feedback and discussions are unstoppable and they have entirely transformed the basics of logo designing. Designers are backed with a lot of pressure and results in designing logos in compliance with the consumer’s choice instead of the brand’s objectives and values. However, a successful designer is the one who possesses the capability to create a brand-compliant logo and also stand by his design against the backlash.

To put it all condensed, social media trends have majorly impacted the basics of logo design. At some points, the transformation is impacting positively, for instance, the adaptable logo systems are a great means of bringing awareness to society and maintain the brand identity at the same time. While some transformations in logo designing are causing a negative impact, for instance, the continuous backlash and negative feedback from the audience. Thence, the trends of social media are like that of the internet, standing on the verge of positivity and negativity.

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