As the world continues to innovate, digital marketing is also booming and transforming into something new and professional every year. It is changing for good, coming up with better opportunities and ways of uplifting businesses across the globe. With 2020 hitting the end of its first quarter, professional digital marketing seems to take a lot of turns. But are these turns a green signal for digital marketing agencies? Or they will have to reframe overall strategies just to stay professional in the game? To help you come out with this perplexity, I have put together the top five digital marketing tactics that can help you keep your digital marketing practice professional as well as uplifting in 2020.


Top Five Digital Marketing Tactics to Adopt In 2020


Five Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Follow In 2020

Incorporate AI Automation

Five Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Follow In 2020

With AI taking over most areas of a business, digital marketing is also being professionally automated using the tools of artificial intelligence. Automation is an innovation in the field of professional digital marketing which, in particular, eases up the process of targeting the audience and converting them into leads.

Manually analyzing big volumes of data is critical and effortful, while automation makes it much easier for a business. It possesses the capability to carry a quicker analysis of all the data, whether big or small, like the geographic information and history of purchase preferences of the clients. Additionally, it also assists in sending fully customer-centric and personalized content to each different user.

Personalized content always works as a cherry on top and bring maximized recognition to your brand – smartly converting them into leads and inclining sales with effectivity.



Redesign Your SEO Strategy

Five Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Follow In 2020

SEO is the foundation of professional digital marketing strategies, and Google seems to introduce a lot of algorithm changes as of March 2020 approaches. It calls all the digital agencies to tighten up their seatbelts before the game of SEO gets out of their hand. The key transformations that need to be done in your SEO strategy includes –

  • Search for the alternatives of guest posting;
  • Strengthen up your original research;
  • Forget about the long-tail keywords and incorporate the shorter ones; and
  • Interpret where your local and national SEO lies – both in the beginning and the end.


Replace Customer Support with Chatbots


Although the real human experience is better valued in terms of professional sales and marketing, an unbelievable ratio of 67% of consumers gave preference to the automated chatbots last year.

The inclined statistics of chatbot usage quite clearly mirrors the fast-paced world where people are much likely to communicate with brands and even place their orders via chatbot; instead of waiting long hours till the customer support agent replies.

Considering the said situations and statistics, it has become a necessity for most business websites to replace their customer support officers with automated chatbots. However, the trend does not call for completely diminishing the customer support agents and end their career, but to put them behind an automated chatbot.



Make an Excessive Use of Google Analytics

Five Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Follow In 2020

Google Analytics is the most essential and worthy gift a digital marketer could have and that too for free. It is broad and crucial. It has so much information and value that one cannot simply imagine.

I always get puzzled to see that a very small ratio of digital marketing experts utilizes the real value of google analytics. The problem lies in the basics – it is complex to use and also very fewer people are aware of its actual value and worth.

The key to professionally managing your digital marketing strategy in 2020 is to learn the incorporation of google analytics with perfection. It looks complex in the beginning but you will get used to it with experience. Once you get to understand the basics, google analytics will help you interpret all the user engagement ratios and experiences much easily and you will find ways towards making their experiences better and sound.


Centralize Your Audience

Five Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Follow In 2020

Audience has always been the center for each business but with digitalization, it has even touched the peaks of that center. Your target audience and customers do not just lie in the center of your business but they are everything from production to marketing and from selling to purchase. To tackle your digital marketing strategies with upstreaming stardom, follow these few tactics of customer centralization like a necessity. They include –

  • Expand your content marketing journey, from lead generation to the sales and from purchase to customer’s feedback and rewind;
  • Ease up user experiences on your website with mobile and flexible interfaces; and
  • Also, focus on the optimization of audio content for most consumers are preferring audiovisuals over anything else because they are effortless.


To be short and condensed, digital marketing is upgrading for good but the news has put a lot of pressure on the marketers and agencies. Well, the changes aren’t so huge and impossible that you catch a headache. They are simple and progressive – heading you towards bigger and better achievements than before. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned tactics of professional digital marketing and uplift your business’s digital presence like never before.

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