Social media marketing agencies follow some special strategies that you might be able to benefit from, too. Being on social media is easy – almost every individual or business has a social media presence now. However, making that presence count and making money out of that presence is what marketing on social media is all about. From one person brands that are operated from home to multinational companies with a large customer base, all brands need the use of digital media in order to promote themselves. While purposes of promotions may vary widely from company to company and from time to time, it is important to know how to use social media to achieve your organizational purposes like spreading awareness, increasing customer engagement, or increasing sales.


Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Marketing


Don’t Be a Salesperson Online:

How to Excel at Social Media Marketing

People are on social media for keeping up with their friends and staying up to date with the latest trends in different industries which they are interested in.Many business page managers make the blunder of attempting to ‘sell’ in every post. People get irritated when you constantly keep trying to tell them to buy your products. Instead, opt for engagement; having a socially appealing design and copy on your social media page can make people find interest in what you offer, and can increase the number of shares of your page and posts. This increased engagement leads to more sales naturally.


Do Have a Social Media Marketing Strategy:

How to Excel at Social Media Marketing

Having a strategy means you know why you are using social media for promotion of your products, what you are expecting from your marketing, which social media platforms you will use and why, what kind of posts or brand image will you maintain online, and how will you manage the responses on your page. Without a strategy, your marketing will have no direction and is unlikely to yield any notable results.


How to Excel at Social Media Marketing


Do Go Live with Your Video Content:

How to Excel at Social Media Marketing
Source:LoSasso Integrated Marketing

As you may already know, video content receives much more attention than any other form of content on digital media. This is why you will often see business pages posting short but catchy videos about their products or services. Live video posting is a rather recent introduction to social media marketing but has become more popular than the regular streamed videos. In fact, suggests that Facebook users engage ten times more with live video posts rather than just video posts. That’s a lot of attention you can cash on!


Do Approach Smaller Influencers:

Initially, brands approached renowned celebrities to endorse and promote their products on their social media accounts to get their followers to follow the brand’s page. However, only a few of those followers actually converted to customers. This led to brands opting for rather newer bloggers or influencers who had a comparatively smaller fan following, but it reaped better conversions because those small fan followings were mostly people with similar interests or belonging to smaller market segments. More or less, this is how traditional businessmen would do ‘market segmentation’ for marketing purposes.


Do Have a Larger Wallet:


As you may have heard, the biggest and most important expense for a business is its promotional budget. However, while basic promotion on social media is free of cost, you have to have a budget and spend some money to get you the maximum benefits of digital marketing. For example, there are certain promotional packages on Facebook business pages that allow you to opt for a week or a month’s plan, and charge a few dollars accordingly, but give you a much higher and targeted reach as compared to unpaid promotion. Albeit, the budget for digital promotions does not need to be as big as mainstream media advertising budgets, so that’s a plus.


These are some of the essentials that will make your marketing more effective on social media. Whether you are a company or just an individual seeking social media marketing jobs, these tips will really help you use social media for business better!


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