How to Make Good Money on YouTube

Being a blogger or vlogger is no less than a career in this decade, and according to the most recent YouTube news, there have been a series of additions of new features in YouTube recently that make this career even more fruitful in terms of earnings. While people may have been hesitant to accept becoming a YouTuber as their sole source of income, it is now widely known that this platform is giving out huge opportunities to let people earn doing anything they love, from giving online lessons on YouTube to literally just playing/recording video games all day long. The millennials love staying on their phones and are interested in watching literally anything from cats meowing to people roasting each other and what not.


It is because of this unstoppable popularity of YouTube that it provides a huge market (and opportunity) for YouTubers to make good money off their content. Let’s have a peak at the ways that let you earn better on YouTube:

Ways to Earn Better on YouTube:


Encourage Your Audience to Use Super Stickers:




YouTube has introduced a new feature some time ago called Super Chats, and it has just revealed a new sub-feature of Super Chats, called Super Stickers! Basically, Super Stickers are like colorful emojis and animated stickers that your viewers can buy for different prices in order to interact with you or other viewers in a live chat during a video streaming. Every time a viewer buys a Super Sticker to send in the live chat (which usually gets more notice than the comments etc in the regular comment section), the uploader i.e. you get a share of the sticker’s price.

So far, Super Chats have been found to be extremely popular according to YouTubers, allowing an earning of up to $400 per minute for trending YouTubers.


Flexible Membership Tiers for Better Earnings:




If you know what Patreon is, you would understand this feature better. Patreon is basically a platform that allows bloggers to have their fan base follow them and subscribe to their exclusive content for a fee. Similarly, YouTube has now released a new feature that lets YouTubers set five different packages for different prices and with different benefits to maximize their earnings as well as to provide the viewer with a flexible membership plan that suits them the best. This way, a YouTuber can have higher earning potential by targeting different classes of their audience to subscribe to their channel for more fees than the previous standard $5 per month subscription.


  • Expanding Your Merch Shelf:


Merch Shelf is basically short for Merchandise Shelf, which is placed on the content creators’ video pages. This feature is one of the latest on YouTube desktop with a rapidly increasing revenue generation rate! According to SEJ, “Creators now have more opportunities to sell merchandise with the addition of five new partners.” This has led some of the highest grossing YouTube channels to expand their Merch shelf by joining five more partners leading to more followers and more profits.

Youtube might seem like a platform where things look pretty simple to catch, however, that’s not always true. Before ending this blog, here goes some knowledge about the not-so-progressive side of Youtube.


  • Challenges of Making Youtube Money:


The Youtube understanding is largely like, make some videos, get some view and earn loads of bucks. However, this is a myth. There’s a lot of effort that goes into Youtube business. Even if you have a stable youtube channel you still can’t make a satisfactory amount of money every month.


Even if the advertisers pay a good amount of money to the content creators on Youtube, still it is not worth the efforts and expenditures a content creators put into their product advertising.


Let’s make it simpler to understand. According to research and calculation, youtube content creators can only make thousands of dollars for a million views. And getting a million views is just not easy at all!


Making a youtube channel is easy. What matters is how you maintain that channel, which is done by creating original and creative content, having a defined target market, having a unique brand persona, and by promoting at your best. The tools above are only bonuses that help you earn more if you are already popular and liked by a reasonable number of people on the platform. Moreover, avoid letting your YouTube editor put up misleading thumbnails just for views, and opt for content that is good enough to generate views and likes itself.

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