Let’s begin with the really common phrase, “content is king.” If you haven’t heard of it you might not belong to the marketing industry. Because when it comes to marketing tactics and strategy, everything revolves around the content. If you’re not getting what I’m talking about researchers are here to help you.


Why Is Content Marketing Important?


The days have gone when content marketing was just a tool to make your brand stand out among competitors. Now, content marketing has become a necessity. Believe it or not, content marketing has reached a point that it has become the heart of the brand.


The math is pretty simple in this case:


Successful Content Marketing = Successful Digital Marketing = Successful Brand


As you can see I’m pretty bad with the basics of mathematics, therefore, here are some researches that prove the importance of content marketing for a brand.


“78% of consumers want to know about you through articles”


Great advertising is still considered the biggest tool in marketing. But when it comes to digital marketing, things are a little different.

According to a study, 78% of the consumers tend to know about a company or brand through its articles rather than ads.


“70% of the consumers believe companies with goof content builds good relationships.”


Rather than a fact, this is something experienced by anyone who has read good content. Good content has the ability to engage, mesmerize and affect the minds of the readers. And more than anything else, a powerful content generates vibes that build trusts.


This research proves that almost 70% of the consumers these days believe that a company with good content are interested in building good ones with the customers and also with the business partners.


“Content Marketing is key to higher conversion rates”


According to ABG Essentials, “Content marketing provides conversion rates about 6 times higher than other digital marketing methods.”


You can ask this yourself as well. How often has it been that you didn’t read about the product before purchasing it? For me, NONE! I always read the blogs reviews and other details about the product before ordering it.


And research has given logic  to my psyche:


As per Content Marketing Institute, “After reading recommendations on a blog, 61% of online consumers in the U.S. then decided to make a purchase.”


Now that I have pretty much proven the importance of content marketing, here are the tips you clicked for.


Tips and Guides; Write Content Like a Pro


Content writing and marketing is a task in itself but it’s not the hardest task of the world. With these tips, you can have a deeper understanding of this trick marketing tool.


  1. Know your Targeted Audience:


A brand’s consumer, potential customers, business partners, potential business partners, and all others are the targeted audience. This might sound like a work the only team of professionals can do, but that is not how content marketing is working these days.


According to Forbes, most of the content department is based on a single individual.


With the right mind, effective content marketing strategy and deeper understanding of your niche, you can generate content for your diverse and targeted audience.


  1. Going for Effective SEO Tactics:


The first and foremost goal of content marketing is making the brand raking high.

Informing and educating the audience about the brand and its services is the property of content marketing. But even before this, Google ranking is prioritized.

For better search visibility on Google search bar, it important to learn on-page SEO tactics and generate your content according to that.


  1. Step Up your Visual Game:


Putting up any kind of visual after every 700-100 words improve content credibility and quality. Articles like these tend to have more social shares than articles with the only single feature image. Content can do the work for proving information but an infographic content can make information stay in your customer’s head.


  1. Never miss out on Headlines and sub-heading:


This might sound like something you 10th-grade English teacher would say, but trust me, this is important than it looks like.


People on the internet are different than people who read content on bok and magazines. These users scan than content. If they find something relevant or worth reading only then they will put effort into reading it completely. Therefore, it is important to make your hang catchy, attractive and worth looking at.


  1. Try Involving your audience:


Whether you’re writing for yourself or for the brand, always try involving the audience. Your writing style not only determines you as a person but also gives out the impression of the brand.


  1. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for engagements:


Good content can be achieved through good content writing. But effective content marketing needs some tools to work with. The number one tool to earn more readers and social shares is to ask for engagement.

According to research,  email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources.

Moreover, Leaving a call-to-action button underneath our blog can benefit your brand i9n ways you didn’t know about.


  1. BrainStorm to Another Level:


Never compromise on originality.


Here’s a tip from someone who has been playing safe from quite a time now.

“Before your head catches your plagiarized content, Google will do it first.”

To skip chances of opting for plagiarism it’s important to put effort into brainstorming.

For this you have to focus on the county your competitors are published, the topics people belonging to your niche are updating and most important, always put a little touch of your own in the content.


  1. Keywords are Key:


Writing an SEO-based content is nothing similar to normal content writing. The first thing that one needs to keep focus in is the use of keywords.


Google keyword planner can help you in finding the keywords that can help you in making content Google-crawler’s worthy.


  1. Put What Others Forgot To:


Once you know your targetted audience, this will be pretty easy for you.


Your targeted audience needs to have all in a ratio about the brand, brand services, and all other details. Therefore, you need to put everything that your competitors might find negligible to ignore.


  1. Story-Telling Approach:


Being a content writer it might be a little difficult for you to set your style apart.

But, this is going to do wonders for your writing skills and engagements.

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