How to Rank Website in Google Search Engine That Helps Generate Traffic and Sales?

There’s no doubt in the fact that the contemporary business world is all about online business. No matter how large or how small your business is, if it doesn’t have an online identity, it can never progress in the market.

Being associated with the marketing world, I only catch business owners cheering phrases like “ more sales,” at the top of their lungs. While marketers scream “more traffic,” equally louder.


Even in Pakistan, the increasing use of the internet has given birth to online business and increase in use digital marketing services . People that have set-up home-based businesses and even successful firms are finding themselves inescapable from online platforms. Every business that exists or is trying ton exists in this competitive industry is striving to gain recognition on online platforms.


But to out stand among your contemporaries in the online business industry, a lot of efforts and expertise is required. One can’t simply create a Facebook page and hope for great sales and revenue. There’s a lot that goes behind a successful online business.

 And we are here to break it down for you:


Path Towards Traffic; Improving Google Ranking Of Website:


Source: MediaNovas


Like I mentioned above, to establish a business it’s important to earn online recognition.  However, to earn that it’s important to have a website of your business.

People often believe that creating a website is the biggest task in digital marketing. But that’s not true. There are tons of website building platforms that offers grand customization that helps users build a website in a short time.

What actually is the biggest task, is keeping that website’s ranking high. And trust me, there’s no shortcut to this.


For good sales, its necessary to have expertise in Search Engine Optimization and to build a strategy that leads to the generation of traffic.

Here are a few steps that might help you in understanding the basics of on-page SEO and the process of improving your website’s Google ranking. This in return, will help you in achieving the aforementioned targeted goal.


Step By Step Guide To Improve Ranking Of Your Website On Google Search Engine:

Source: E-Commerce Nation


Google search engine is a technically complex platform containing a number of factors.

Here are some of the factors that might help in ranking your website on Google Search Engine:


online store sales


  • First, come first; Strong Website Foundation.


The first and basic step to have a successful website and high Google ranking is the establishment of a good website. It’s important to remember that a website with an effective SEO campaign can become ineffective with a poor website and information infrastructure.

The more your website is difficult for the viewers to navigate, the more it becomes unlikely for the Google crawler.

And the crawl eventually affects the ranking of your website.

Another factor that sabotages navigation and Google crawl is the negligence of creating a mobile-friendly website. Mobiles nowadays are the resources of the online business. If your website isn’t created for mobile users you are likely to end up in the last pages of Google search.


  • Always Opt For a Technical SEO Audit:


Never miss out on this.

Search Engine Optimization is a complex and defined process that can never be explained in a few words.

There’s a lot that goes in building a team expert in SEO campaign and tactics. But the least one can do is understand the Google Algorithm.

The Google algorithm consists of hundreds of signals and machine learning to determine search rankings.

According to a study by Infront Webworks,  the first page of Google receives 95% of web traffic, with other pages receiving only 5% or even less of total traffic.


This shows that there’s great competition and complexity one needs to go through to make to the first page of Google.

Therefore, it is important to have a deep knowledge of this field.


  • Always Go For Relevant Content Publishing:
Source: AnkushChawla


The number one factor that drives traffic to the website is relevant content.

Content created for website viewers is different from regular content. There are certain aspects that one needs to take care of before writing quality content for the website.

For instance, incorporation of keywords in the content. The keyword is basically the words by which your targeted user search for your business services or more. Therefore the existence of these keywords makes it easy for Google crawler to rank your website.



  • Keep Updating Content On Your Website:

What makes business generate sales and traffic has a lot to do with the regular publication of relevant content on the website.

It’s is important to not only opt for relevancy but also to make your content frequent.

It has been stated that websites with regularly updated content tend to have higher Google ranking as compared to those who aren’t frequent with this tool.


  • Last But Not The Least; Keep The Linking Relevant

Most of the websites in an attempt to grab more traffic forces unrelated links to their website, that becomes trouble instead of help.

For instance, if you incorporate a link to your service on the word “Click here” then this is of no use, as it has no search engine value. Whereas if you incorporate link over a keyword it will improve your website ranking.


To sum it up all, to increase your website ranking it is important to have knowledge about digital marketing tools and tactics.



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