How To Stay Consistent With Your Business’ Branding?

With the world changing towards the mindset of startups with more than 9-5 jobs, we have been seeing a lot of new ideas businesses in the market. The best part some of them are rising towards success. But that is the only first chapter, ain’t it? Opening a business and running it successfully for a short period is something everybody’s doing what matters in long term is consistent branding. Long-term profits, stability, and brand name is what we are looking for.

And let me tell you my friend that is not an easy part. You have to hustle and keep your struggles alive to have a stable brand image.

We know it seems a lot of work just building a brand but what sucks your blood is keeping that brand alive. Like a lot of big brands who have been in the industry for like decades, and still are people’s favorite. Ever wondered how they keep up with the image? And even if few people stop going there, they know a way to have them come back. Like MacDonald’s, KFC, lays coke, etc.

This blog at Brandians today will help you understand the consistency of branding, its importance, and a few tips to work on.


What Does The Consistency Of Branding Mean?

In meek words, it means, keeping your brand on a single and constant brand image. Understandable enough? If not, keep reading. You must have thought of some theme and a message while developing your business of any niche. We all have heard that change is constant but driving towards a whole new idea with you is a big and risky step that mostly fails.

Keeping that theme alive and letting those people know that you are the same brand and constant with your words and message that you people loved about it initially. If you are a food chain you should keep the idea of your food’s taste the same or better maybe, and if you are a shoe brand you have to be consistent on the idea of comfortable shoes.

While developing new ideas for your constant branding do not barge on another track.


How Important Consistent Branding Is?

People come to you with their interest only and they will keep coming to you only if they think you are the same as you were. Constant image of any brand builds some kind of emotions, values, and a strong connection between brand and customers. For the best part, this way you create an image that can be easily recognizable by a wide variety of people.

It is a way to convey a message to your customers that you are putting in a lot of thoughts for them to be exactly what they want. Also helps you understand your brand better and make visions clear.

For example, what if our favorite brand Khaadi stops making clothes with boho vibes? Because we all know this is exactly what they trying to show us. Or what if Broadway stops making cheesy crust pizza? That would not be fair to me at least.

Tips To Keep Your Brand On Track!

we know that it is not easy with the competition these days and ideas sometimes we get to stay on a track, we can slip here and there. But strong tips and vision will help you stay on the line of a good and strong image.


Tip no#01: Create Your Mission!

This is something really basic and we all know that we have to have this for any business. But, wait, do we follow our statements? I do not think so dude.

Your mission statement is something you wrote when you were at the peak of your passion to start a business. And let me tell you that your “mission statement” could be your “future guideline” when you trying to stay on track. It will remind you why you were in this business in the first place.

To write a perfect mission statement, use easy to read language that would help you to as well in the future, do not write something that even you cannot tell what you were thinking. Think big and broad and stand uniquely (yes, you must already know this).


Tip no#02: Strong Brand Guidelines!

If your business is defined in words or images people will understand it easily and better. Even it will help you new and old both employees to stay on a track to work on. Strong guidelines can work like rules that our parents set for our good and help us live a better life.

If you think the content on your website is a formal tone of royalty but your social media content is hippie and colorful that is something you can work to change. DO NOT GIVE MIXED VIBES!

Specific guidelines will leave no space to make mistakes because you know what you do.


Tip no#03: Use Of Same Theme!

Consistency of one theme everywhere on your channels creates ease of recognition. The same color, fonts, and templates you have got customized for your brand specifically should be the same everywhere.


Tip no#04: Use Your Flag!

Your logo is your brand’s flag. Using it every post you make will stamp hardly on the audience’s mind forever. Every time they see your name with any post, it will remind them that, yes! You are still here in the market.


Tip no#05: Don’t Take Any Negligence From Your Staff!

After you have guidelines published throughout. Your staff has to be productive and follow those guidelines. I mean think about what if coco cola’s staff start forgetting about their tasks? horrible for them right? They have employees who take their jobs seriously and get their tasks done on time.

Either it is your social media manager who forget to post or your designer did not design new material to post. Maybe your financial manager has not still released the customer’s invoice. Your staff is a part of your brand’s image.


Tip no#06: Develop A Schedule!

Speaking from experience this tip is not skippable. Making schedules when to post, boost or market something will clear steps. This way everyone can work along properly and if you are handling any marketing campaigns schedule making will keep you on track with your branding.


Tip no#07: Offline Marketing!

Yes, offline marketing. Don’t forget about that and clients’ in-person encounters with your business while you work hard to build consistent branding for all of your marketing. If your online brand is gorgeous and coherent, but it doesn’t match your storefront or fit with your in-store palette, you may be losing the trust you fought so hard to earn. Signage, business cards, your location’s color palette, employee uniforms, and vehicle wraps are all instances of real attention to brand consistency on and offline.


Tip no#08: Do Not Compromise With Content!

People are so picky, so you should be. do not let any stupid content ruin your whole image in the process of branding. What you are posting including images, videos or written posts must be relevant to your brand or otherwise, people will pick on you. Do not forget that it is you who cares about your brand, some of your customers would not even think twice to switch when you are under an umbrella of memes.

Social media these days takes seconds only and there is no room for mistakes here.

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