A decade ago, digital marketing was completely different than what it is today. That is the pro and con of digital marketing, actually resolutions of Digital Marketing. It is always changing with the market trends, with consumer preferences, with technological advancement, with economical situations and globalization.


What is digital marketing?

Resolutions of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of digital mediums and platforms to communicate with the targeted customers or to sell a product or service to the target market. This includes various other subcategories of marketing like social media marketing, retargeting, ad placement, and more.


Modern digital marketing relies heavily on graphical content rather than just textual content. This is a result of the studied patterns of social media users’ behavior that indicated that online users respond better to visual content as compared to text-only content. Hence, modern day digital marketing is increasingly utilizing videos and images along with text details to engage their market successfully. The significant shift of promotional methods from mainstream media (TV, radio, newspaper etc) to digital media has also resulted in the increased need of a professional digital marketing agency, like Brandians, to handle brand’s digital marketing activities and maintain the brand’s online presence.


Why do you need Digital Marketing Resolutions?

Resolutions of Digital Marketing

Just like you create a list of resolutions every New Year’s Eve, your business needs a new set of digital marketing resolutions at least once or twice every year. The reason for this need is the rapidly changing environment of online markets as well as physical markets.


If you do not create new digital marketing resolutions or strategies frequently, you risk falling prey to the highly competitive online marketing practices by other brands, and eventually, this can lead to a decline in sales and profits for your business. By staying up to date with what goes on in the market and changing your strategies according to the most recent user behavior patterns, you can get ahead of your competitors and dominate the market with greater conversion rates and influence.


What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?


Resolutions of Digital Marketing that You Can Base Your Strategies On:

Resolutions of Digital Marketing

Obviously, like personal growth resolutions vary from individual to individual based on priorities and interests, so do digital marketing resolutions. A brand that has just entered a new market needs to focus its marketing resolutions on creating awareness, survival, and brand recognition, while a well-established brand will focus its marketing resolutions on reminding its customers of its existence, expanding its customer base and eliminating competition.


Therefore, no one can tell you what your brand’s digital marketing resolutions should be unless they know your brand well enough. However, the below listed resolutions can help you draft an initial resolution plan for your digital marketing on which more specific resolutions can be made customized to your business’s needs and goals:


Start doing MMA (Multi-Moment Analysis):

Resolutions of Digital Marketing

Multi-moment analysis is a technique to measure how much time you are spending on a marketing activity and how much results it is bringing. By measuring this, you can identify what activities are taking most of your time (which is an important resource for businesses) and see if the results from those activities are worth spending so much time on. Subsequently, this would help you focus your time and attention on the marketing activities that are found to give maximum positive results which would maximize your efficiency. This is especially helpful when multiple marketing activities are being conducted simultaneously.


Rethink your strategy timing:

Resolutions of Digital Marketing

While most marketers would know that timing matters a lot for marketing activities, it is important to understand how this timing should be managed. There are two types of strategies in a marketing plan: Proactive and Reactive. Proactive strategies focus on taking action e.g. promoting discounted deals, before a certain time arrives or before the market starts changing. This usually applies for events like Black Friday and Christmas etc for which promotions are started earlier than the actual event. On the other hand, reactive strategies are based on a passed event like an analysis of past month’s user behavior pattern. Ideally, you should have more proactive strategies than reactive.


Re-focus on your existing content:

Resolutions of Digital Marketing

By re-creating your existing content, you can re-market and re-target potential users and attract attention to your brand. For example, you may convert a written blog post into a video tutorial or infographic. Obviously, the latter would get more attention and engagement. This can also help you reach more audience by giving your content a new shape so that you can appeal to audiences who are looking for graphical content, for example, and to those audiences as well who are looking for written content.


While digital marketing sounds easier than it is, it requires extensive planning and thinking which is why most businesses outsource this process to agencies. It is easy to search and contact agencies around you; for instance, if you are in UAE, just search ‘professional digital marketing services in UAE’ or whatever your country name is, and contact the ones you find most suitable.

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