SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important foundations of a successful online business, or business page. While this term is very commonly said, heard, and written, not many people know what it is, what it does, and how it is done. This article is just for that: to describe what SEO is, why has it become so important to businesses over the last few years, and how you can perfectly optimize your webpage.


What is an SEO Page?

SEO Tactics for a Perfectly Optimized Page

SEO is the ‘formatting’ of a webpage and its contents that results in the page appearing higher on the list of search results on a search engine. This is done through inserting off-page and on-page links, identifying and including keywords, and various other tactics that help the search engines rank your page higher so that more users can have easy access to it. There are three types of SEO:


On-Page SEO:

SEO Tactics for a Perfectly Optimized Page

As the name suggests, on-page SEO refers to everything on the web page, including texts, images, and hyperlinks.


Off-Page SEO:

SEO Tactics for a Perfectly Optimized Page

Off the page search engine optimization is all about backlinking and external SEO factors.


Technical SEO:

SEO Tactics for a Perfectly Optimized Page

The elements that make your website easily crawlable by the search engines and improves its overall functionality are a part of technical SEO. An example of this is mobile responsive web design.


Why is an SEO Page so important?

SEO Tactics for a Perfectly Optimized Page

SEO is a skill that companies spend considerable amounts of money on, which proves that it is important. Since businesses have turned to digital operations these days with everyone being tech-savvy and ‘social’, it has become a necessity to maintain your brand’s online presence.


SEO does that – it maintains your online presence. It helps target your potential customers to your page by ranking your website higher on the search results page when a user searches for a product or service similar to those that your business offers.


By having a well optimized website, you get increased traffic, and if you have used the right and relevant keywords, then it is very likely that your conversion rate will shoot up, too, because most of this traffic would be originally your target market. For example, if someone searched ‘logo design service near me’ and your business offers logo designing services and is located near that user’s location, you will probably be visible on the first page of their search results – IF you have optimized your page correctly.


Without Search Engine Optimization, even the best and most relevant of your contents will go unnoticed by your audience. Furthermore, your traffic and conversion rates would remain low, yielding little to no revenue generation from your online activities as a business. This is why SEO is a critically important step to achieve as unlike physically established businesses, they do not have an alternate/physical source to generate revenue for the business.



Tactics to Achieve a Perfect SEO Page:

SEO Tactics for a Perfectly Optimized Page

Place Your Keyword in the Title:

SEO Tactics for a Perfectly Optimized Page

The first things that are noticeable about your webpage are the URL and the title. Hence, start your title with the keyword, and insert your keyword prominently in the URL of the page.Both of these elements are not only the most notable by viewers, but also by the search engines.


Type Your Title in H1 and H2 Tags:

SEO Tactics for a Perfectly Optimized Page

H1, H2, and H3 are heading tags in the coding language, but are commonly a part of content formatting, too. Use H1 tags for your page’s title. The subheadings can go in between H2 tags. H1 is the bigger heading font size while H2 has a smaller yet prominent font size.


Incorporate engaging visual media:

SEO Tactics for a Perfectly Optimized Page

Do not skip this important SEO step – always have a visually appealing and engaging image or video to go with your written content. This makes your page appear better, and makes customers want to stay and read on. According to researches, video contents receive the highest amount of engagement and audience’s attention on the internet.


Have Your Web Designed for All Screens:

SEO Tactics for a Perfectly Optimized Page

Having your website programmed for mobile optimization i.e. responsive web design, can give you astounding results. People now browse the internet on mobile phones or smaller portable screens more often than they do on desktop computers or laptops. This proves the need for a design that adjusts according to your user’s requirements.


Use Internal Links and SEO Off Page:

SEO Off Page including backlinking can greatly increase the measured reliability of your page, and can get a lot of traffic coming to your website from other influential websites.


This guideline of how you can have a perfectly optimized web page details all the basics you need to know about SEO. To see how well you are doing at optimizing your website, install a SEO page analyser plugin and keep improving.

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