Simple Tips to Reform Your Website Design and Enjoy High Bounce Rate!

Oh! This busy world! Where everybody is too busy to focus more than a few seconds. You only have approximately 4 to 5 seconds to tell the visitors all about you, what you do, about your organization or brand. Is your website simple enough to navigate easily? Is your price design or pattern easy to view and most importantly understand? Do you maintain a significant return ratio on your website? And when asking those questions to yourself, you only hear “No” in your head, it might be the time to update website design.

Maybe, now is the time to have a good look at your website optimization and design. However, there’s no harm in some change or enhancement ideas for your website specifically when you are in the process of learning about improving your site structure. Moreover, you are aware that everything from shopping to marketing is done digitally nowadays. Everybody depends on the internet for their routine work in fact, since there’s no chance that any business could survive without a website.

Indeed, I understand that developers know how to make any website work but that doesn’t mean you can’t make changes if it isn’t going in your favour. You should be considerate about some changes and improvements as time passes by.  Once it concerns a design, you would want to ensure that layout sends the correct message to people without being overwhelming.


06 strategies to improve the appearance of your website

I know there are several platforms providing the knowledge about improving your website design. It could be tough to limit the list. You’ll need to ensure you’ve covered all of the most significant web design hints.

These are all the top suggestions for improving a site’s layout. They are the elements you should study and apply when you question yourself, “How can I upgrade my online presence?”


Make your website mobile-friendly as well as reactive

There isn’t much of a debate anymore. Certainly, you would like to put a few elements in order to maximize the look of the website. However, regardless of what everyone says to you, having a mobile-friendly and reactive site must be at the forefront of your site design checklist.

Without a mobile-friendly and responsive website, it’s impossible to appear at the top of Google rankings and searches. And perhaps you could lose visitors since it would be difficult to find your content online. As we know that mobile friendly and responsive websites go along for a smooth user experience, still, both of them are not equal.


Easy to navigate

Take a peek at it from the user’s point of view. When you access a site, how frequently do you discover the navigation to be hazy and baffled? Is it hard to navigate the website? Are there panels, hyperlinks, as well as other data littered roughly?

It’s critical that you make navigating as simple as possible for visitors. Despite the fact that  you’ve had a lot of material and want to organise it properly, straightforward navigating would almost instantly increase visitors. Whenever it comes to site navigation, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind. These could be observed casually, but paying great attention to them would be beneficial.


  • The menu screen should have no more than 7 elements.
  • In three taps or even less, visitors must be allowed to reach any part of the website to any other part of the website. However, aiming for 2 taps is preferable.
  • Descriptions and urls should be as specific as appropriate.
  • Maintain the position of your navigation panel.


Improved navigation ought to be near the forefront of your checklist whenever it refers to methods to enhance your site. Note that if the site visitors can simply obtain content and navigate your website, they will remain on it for considerably extended periods of time.


Enhanced page speed

The quickness of your site’s web pages is critical for retaining visitors on the website and engaging them. Keep in mind that if a smartphone site needs more than three seconds to open, well over 53 percent of users will quit it. As a result, as you work to make the website mobile-friendly or reactive, you should also consider how to enhance website design by ensuring that your page performance is adequate.

It is true for every form of webpage. An article, a firm, a shopping cart, and so forth. In addition, if website loading speed is even two seconds late throughout a purchase, most prospective clients are likely to leave carts and you would wind up with one fewer client than you began with.

Webpage performance is linked to various aspects of site layout that might be improved. While considering site design suggestions that would increase the functioning of the site, make this a high concern.


Eliminate any content that isn’t required

Like this or not, having a lot of information isn’t necessarily a good thing. In several cases, little is perhaps more. This is especially true once it comes to web design advice. The site should be simple, easy to navigate, efficient, and as per the target. It’s mostly about treading the fine line between stating everything you require without getting obtrusive aesthetically.

There could be several items on the site that you ought to erase. This is referred to as “unneeded content.” Trying to get it removed would vastly enhance the web page.

Moreover, it is a great thing to be cautious with the phrases you use. If you do get the time, read over your present material and search for the following words.


  • The Following Generation
  • Versatile
  • Robust\sScalable
  • Simple to Apply
  • Ahead of the curve
  • Groundbreaking\sInnovative


While there aren’t exactly bad words, dozens, if not hundreds, of businesses use such excessively. It wouldn’t improve the charm or originality of the text.


Posting and Following on Social Media

The universe we exist in now is dominated by Twitter and Facebook. All this is to state, individuals use social platforms to interact and stay up – to – date and one other.

Trying to take benefit of online shares and social following must be a part of every site evaluation scheme. What for? Instagram has million monthly regular users while Twitter has 100 million users worldwide.

These are really huge figures, but they pale in comparison to Facebook, which has more than a billion active users. That’s why providing social links to your site’s users is critical.


A CTA button that is Clear and Prominent

Your site can be used to offer items and services, promote your business, or simply weblog. Ensure that you include a clear and compelling CTA button. Provide your web’s users a means to get in touch with you.

A call to action will go from a trial version to creating a profile to connecting people to a purchase or having people sign up for a subscription. A powerful call to action is what will maximise overall converts, so make absolutely sure you spend little energy crafting the ideal one.

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