Social media content plays a great part in how your market sees you. Your business’s social media presence is a presentation of your brand’s public image, reputation, approach, nature, and priorities. It includes everything from what your About Us section says to the time and efforts you make to respond to any comments or queries on the page.For this, businesses need good planning and understanding of the brand’s vision, and hence, the content that goes online from your business’s social media accounts should always align with your corporate goals and image.


Why is Social Media Content Planning Important?

Social Media Content Guide: Why and How to Do It?

It is important to plan what you will post because every activity of your business must have a purpose. You are not posting content on social media just for fun like you would on your personal profiles, but to achieve one of the several goals like getting attention to a new product feature, announcing discounts, increasing sales, responding to issues, or to simply interact with your market.


A common form of social media planning is a social media content calendar, which details what post will be made at what date and time, along with any links to include and a post image idea. This pre-posts planning allows the content on your social media pages to be synced, linked, and go in a flow rather than be completely unrelated. This also allows easy content management by letting the post designers, content writers, and social media content managers work on their respective tasks for each post ahead of time for it to be ready to be posted in time.


How to Plan Engaging Social Media Content?

Social Media Content Guide: Why and How to Do It?

Now that you know how important it is to plan the content, let’s take a look at some tips and examples of content that should go on your page to represent your brand:


Go for UGC:

Social Media Content Guide: Why and How to Do It?

UGC is short for User-Generated Content. You must have often seen brands posting content or ‘submissions’ from their followers, especially on Instagram. It is a great way to encourage your followers to engage with your brand’s name, feel connected to your brand, and to share your brand’s page to their social media following. For utilizing UGC in your content calendar, just post some content from your followers time to time, while giving them credit for it. For example, a stationery retailer may tell their users to tag the brand’s name whenever they post their artworks, and the brand would re-post the users’ artwork with credits to them to show appreciation as well as encourage users to buy art supplies from them.


Promote Live:

Social Media Content Guide: Why and How to Do It?

You can opt for the new yet already popular feature incorporated in most social media platforms now i.e. live streaming. This feature lets you talk to your audience via a live video, and this encourages immediate attention and engagement of the audience. Depending on your purpose of advertisement, you may talk about several topics or any issues, and then relate it to your product or service. Moreover, keep the audience engaged by responding to their comments through your stream live.



Make Information Visually Appealing:

Social Media Content Guide: Why and How to Do It?

Obviously, your page would consist of occasional long posts or detailed information. More often than not, you should post information that your audience would benefit from, like recipes, tutorials, tips etc. However, people would simply scroll through the post if it’s a long text. Instead, make infographics. Infographics are visually appealing and they make information look organized, less cluttered, less lengthy, easy to understand, and easier to remember. If you lack the expertise of good designing, you may opt for online tools like Canva to get templates for infographics. In fact, useful infographics get a lot of shares easily, so make sure you include your brand name or logo on it.


From the people, for the people:

Social Media Content Guide: Why and How to Do It?

People tend to believe people rather than brands. If you have great reviews from your customers on your social media pages, it would really boost your market’s conversion rate. Start sharing testimonials and reviews of your customers as part of your posts. This would encourage more people to review your brand as they would feel special when you post their words. Moreover, it would gather the trust and attention of your audience overall.


Use Tools to Beautify Your Content:


Various tools can be used for enhancing your content in one way or the other. Incorporate design tools from Adobe like Adobe Spark or VidLab for catchy, attractive videos. Use Adobe Photoshop or Canva for image designs, and Zoom to conduct webinars.


With the variety of options available for content for social media and its diverse forms of content, you might want to hire a social media content creator or manager for handling this task of your business. Albeit, incorporating the right content at the right time at the right place can really help your business with Public Relations, too!

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