Top Tips to Create an SEO Driven Content Strategy

To create content that perfectly serves the needs of a user is surely the top priority for most SEO copywriters since the hummingbird update has been made. Easier said than done, a lot of SEO copywriters struggle to create an SEO driven content strategy that serves the clients and is SEO optimized at the same time.

Therefore, most contents seem to become more and more SEO centric while putting aside the concept of consumer centricity. The problem with a purely SEO driven content strategy is that it is not capable of capturing all the needs of your audience. have doubts? Go and talk to one of your customer representatives once, you’ll come to learn a lot of queries that do not appear in keyword research you do.

Also, high volume keywords can sometimes tempt you to create content that has got nothing to do with your brand. No doubt, it would bring a lot of website traffic but will that be converted? Well, nope.

Ease up on yourself. This isn’t meant to push you away from the SEO driven content strategy but to bring you closer to a creative SEO is driven content strategy. Dive in to learn the tactics for creating a superb and creative SEO driven content strategy.


Outline Your Goals.

The best way to create a successful SEO driven content strategy is, to begin with where you aim to end. Outline your goals and determine the point where you aim to land. Do you want to maximize your leads to a certain point? Do you want to drive your sales and achieve a particular target? Or you want more audiences to subscribe to your newsletters? Pinpoint your goals and only then you’d be able to take any action.


Determine Your Audience’s Pain Points.

Now that you know your goals, it’s time to determine your audience’s pain points. Wait. You must know your target audience at this point, huh? This makes the step a lot simpler. You just have to review the target audience already defined and undermine their pain points. The best way to do is by talking to those departments of your organization that have exposure to the audience such as customer support, sales, social media marketing, and product marketing, etc.

Employees in such departments are most likely to interact with the audience and customers, and so, can help massively in determining the key questions and queries they have. Thus, you can take help from these questions and queries in developing accurate content for your audience. Additionally, you can also do extensive research using social media tools and other searching forums. Thus, knowing about your audience’s pain points is always helpful in creating a successful SEO driven content strategy.


Know Your Brands’ USP.

Knowing your audience’s pain points isn’t enough but you also need to undermine the unique selling point of your brand. That’s an important factor. Enlist your brand’s primary goals and think about how can they contribute to your brand’s success and development.


Develop A Content Tilt.

That’s an interesting step. Here you have to combine the pain points of your audience with your brands USP and develop a content tilt i.e. ideation for the content that would serve both your organizational goals as well as the audience’s needs and requirements efficiently.


Enlist Potential Topics.

Brainstorming time. And now that you have your content tilt in hand, enlisting the potential topics isn’t a difficult thing. You know what’s special about your brand as well as what your audience expects from you and so, you can curate the best SEO driven content strategy for your brand.


Carry Through Keyword Research.

Once you’ve finished enlisting the potential topics, it’s time to carry through keyword research. There are a lot of tools available for keyword research as well as some organic ways exists out there. It depends on you to pick the best among them and do your research.


Curate an Editorial Calendar.

Based on your research and efforts, it’s time to curate an editorial calendar for your brand. The calendar derived from a successful SEO driven content strategy includes everything ranging from your blog title and the target keywords to the ideas you’ve brainstormed for the content.


Set Your Success Metrics.

Now that you know the depths of your content, it’s time to set your success metrics. Suppose your primary goal was to generate leads. So, your success would be dependent on the number of leads you will able to generate with your content. The best way to achieve success with your SEO driven content strategy is to set metrics and then work to achieve them.


Create Content.

Voila, you’ve reached the real phase where you can finally exercise your SEO driven content strategy. Now that you have all the pieces in hand, curating content can be a lot of fun. All you get to do here is just push your creative limits and bring about something unique, captivating, and audience−centric.

Taking the lead from your content tilt, you can create amazing content that’s both SEO driven and focused on your audience’s needs and requirements at the same time.

To put it all condensed, the aforementioned tactics to create an SEO driven content strategy are super effective. However, if you want instant and effective outcomes, hiring a professional digital agency for SEO marketing services can also be an incredible way out.


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