Video Marketing; Why Your Business Needs it NOW?

To know and understand the power of video marketing we have collected plenty of statistics.


Wyzowl statistics report that almost 63% of businesses realized the power of video marketing and started using it for their businesses and products. The rest of the business believe that video marketing is important for their marketing strategies.

The reason behind putting these statistics, in the beginning, is to allow our users to question the power of video marketing.

And as per my knowledge, our readers’ curiosity must have reached the sky after learning about the above-mentioned statistics.

So let’s just address the elephant in the room, shall we?


Why is Video Marketing so Popular and Important?

Businesses never lure for anything that doesn’t provide profit. The reason behind the popularity of video marketing has a lot to do with increased revenue of businesses that opted for this form of marketing.

So here are some more statistics that might be the answer to the propelling curiosity in our readers’ minds.

Video marketing has proven to be beneficial for online business as videos drive 41% more organic traffic.

Video marketing is greatly loved by business as it generates 49% more revenue. (see, that’s what I was talking about, PROFIT)

Up To 54% of the online audience expects videos from their favorite brands, or from brands they want to buy something from.

Not to forget all of these efforts combined generates 66% more qualified leads for the business, every year.

We don’t want you to be overwhelmed with the statics so let’s just start with convincing through words.


Video Marketing Builds Customers Trust:

Video Marketing; Why Your Business Needs it NOW?

A creative video creator and marketer knows that this tool separates marketing from selling to engaging.

Video created to engage, inform and entertain the viewers bring more sales than direct and forceful marketing.

If you want to see the trust-building power in the video, observe the content on Youtube.

Youtubers; the content creators on Youtube have created the most powerful community online. Their videos engage and ignite emotions from their viewers, which eventually increases the level of trust.

Similarly, great video marketing should have all the elements that are required to build the audiences’ trust.



Google Loves to Watch Videos:


Not does your audience expects a video from you, but the internet’s master; Google, is looking forward to some ENGAGING content from your business marketing.

If your websites have great video then it will eventually increase the time of the visitors on your site. The longer exposure gives a signal to Google that your site has high-quality content.

Here come another stats to prove how Google’s love for videos is great for your business:

According to Moovly, Your business is 53 times more likely to show on Google’s first page if your website has more engaging video content.


Mobile Users Get More Engaged Through Videos:


I think I shouldn’t be stressing on the fact that your every next customer uses mobile to search for your brand.


Reports prove that almost 90% of consumers watched videos through mobile. Which means that keeping like users into consideration while developing your marketing strategy is important.


Video Marketing is the Greatest Form of Marketing:
Video Marketing; Why Your Business Needs it NOW?

Consider this as a conclusion to all that is said above. And here’s an explanation as to why I’m stating video marketing as the best form of marketing.

Video marketing increases sales, increases engagement, increase exposure to the website but most importantly video marketing explains.

One such example of why video marketing explains best explainer videos. These animated videos can simply explain even the most complicated concepts for viewers. Animated videos keep your customers stick to your brand while informing them all about it.

So these were just some of the insights regarding video marketing and its benefits. If you want to read more about it, click here.

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