What Is DA PA And How To Check It?

DA stands for domain authority, which is considered a ranking score introduced by Moz.

The purpose of this DA score is to identify how many chances you have to rank higher in the search engine compared to your competitors.

It is not a ranking factor for Google, but it can identify how much effort, content, quality, and optimization you need to rank.

In contrast, PA is known as the page authority that determines the strength of a website’s home page.

Moz determines the domain authority score by evaluating various metrics, such as the number of links, quality of links, and the quality of content.




The good thing is that several online tools allow you to check DA PA without paying a single penny.

This article will show you, how you can check domain and page authority, and what factors you should focus on to improve your website’s DA


How To Determine The DA PA Of A Website?

  • Use Moz Extension To Check Accurate Results

MozBar has also introduced an extension that can be used to get instant analysis of competitors or your website.

It is a premium feature of Moz tool that you can install from the Google chrome store.

Once you install the extension and have a premium version of the tool, you can check the DA PA total number of links, and RDs in the SERP.


Moz Extension


Below we have mentioned steps to install and use the extension:


  • Go to the Chrome store and install the extension.
  • After installing, login with your account through the Moz bar.
  • When the extension is in use, it will show you results such as DA PA in the SERP.


What You Can Get In This Extension?

You might be thinking what metrics can I figure out with this extension, right?

Well, below we have mentioned those:

  • You can access and compare links while viewing SERP
  • The DA PA can be easily seen in the SERP.
  • You can export the data analysis to a csv file.
  • If you have premium MozBar, then you can analyze the keyword difficulty.


Tips To Improve DA PA

Improving the DA of your website is not as difficult as you think. All you have to do is just follow the simple guidelines and not to compromise on quality work at any point.

However, a reasonable DA that builds a bit of authority is considered to be more than 30 out of 100.


Tips to improve DA PA


If you want to improve the DA of your website, just keep the consistency with the following factors we mentioned below


  • Always Prefer To Acquire High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the backbone of a website’s authority. They play a huge role in building authority.

In simple words, the higher quality links you have, the better the authority is!

However, most people think that the quantity of links matter more than the quality of links, which is entirely wrong.


high quality backlinks


Google has clearly explained in its recent update that the link you acquire should be natural and from an authoritative website.

The problem appears when we have to pay higher rates for high quality links which is out of budget for the majority of bloggers

So, what’s the best way to get an authoritative backlink?

Read more to know!


  •  Write or Publish Compelling Content That Deserves A Backlink

Content is the main thing that matters to search engines and the audience.

However, the point that every second SEO person misses is that if you have high quality content, you can acquire or request a premium backlink from top brands of your niche.

It will automatically boost your root domain and you will see how the game changes.


  • Avoid Getting Bad and Spammy Links

Like we said, getting quality backlinks pushes your domain authority; spammy links can also lower it!

It would be great if you avoid getting spammy links for your website because Google neglects them and never considers them. A Spam score checker will help you to determine the spam score and a website.


bad and spammy links


On the other hand, you should also improve the internal linking of your website because it helps crawlers to index your pages and links faster.

In the result, you will get a ranking boost which will automatically increase your website DA and page authority.

Secondly, with internal links, you can drive your audience easily from one page to another.


  • Optimize Your On-Page Seo

Another way you can use to increase the domain authority of your website is to optimize your on-page SEO.

As we mentioned before, search engine optimization has significant importance for search engines and to make your website authority.

Moreover, use LSI keywords and other related keywords to strengthen your main keyword.


Optimize your on-page seo


Diversifying your keywords will help crawlers to identify that your website is specifically related to the query.

However, if you do not care about this factor and your content structure is not organized, it will take a long time to rank you higher on the first page.


  • Optimize Your Website Loading Speed

Did you know that website page loading speed is a very important factor?

However, if you want to build the authority of your site, then you cannot neglect it.

Secondly, the most common reason for the high bounce rate is page loading speed, because if everything takes time to load, then the user will not stay on that long.

There are several tools like Gtmetrix or Google page speed load that will tell you how fast your site loads.

The good thing is that it will also tell you the problems and errors that are slowing your website such as images, videos, content structure, etc.


  • Do Social Sharing Of Your Content And Website To Gain Social Signals

Sharing your content on social media platforms will bring you social signals which are an important ranking factor.

Google loves that content is widely shared across different platforms. A one like, comment, or share will result in a social signal.

On the other hand, you also improve the exposure of getting more traffic to your site via social sharing.

Therefore, building authority requires social sharing too which brings additional benefits.


Final Words

The domain authority of your website depends on how much effort you are putting in.

However, there are several SEO practices that we mentioned above help you increase the domain score of your site.

However, you can use the help of online tools to analyze your domain authority.

Moreover, do not forget to acquire links from other authoritative sites because that will also help you gain more traffic potential.

While getting traffic from different sources and publishing killer content, you will drastically improve the domain authority of your site and will become an authority within your niche.

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