10 Pro Tips to Craft A Powerful Company Profile for Your Business

If you have recently started a new business and want to make a great impression on prospective clients, you need to write a powerful company profile. It is an effective way of introducing the company to prospective customers and other stakeholders. It can be intimidating if you have never crafted a profile before.

Company profiles contain a professional summary related to the company and its all necessary activities. Company profiles help you to attract investors, increase funds, and boost brand marketing. They can even be used to inform stakeholders, including customers.

They can be written in various lengths and styles. Few companies may not have grown enough, and contain profiles that are just two pages long. On the other hand, few may include certifications, awards, and a large customer portfolio, with a maximum of 30 pages.

10 Pro Tips to Craft A Powerful Company Profile for Your Business


10 easy steps to craft a strong company profile

If you want to make sure that you have included all the essential information in your profile to entice your reader, then you must flip the profile of traditional business on its head and think what your audience wants to be aware of your company. So, here are the most necessary actions you need to take to craft a powerful company profile.


  • Determine the purpose of a profile

Company profiles are used by companies for various purposes such as trade portfolios, company websites, and investment plans. Therefore, before putting pen to paper, you should determine the profile’s purpose. You don’t need to worry, you can also change it later if necessary.

Suppose your profile is intended to be presented on your company’s website. Create a list of topics that your audience will like to read about in relation to your company, and then structure your content. You must also make sure that the information’s tone is relevant for your intended audience. You don’t want to make it look stuffy by blasting it with facts because honestly, nobody will care, unless you.


  • Select a design style

After determining the tone for your profile, it’s time to figure out how you can convey this information. Do you want it presented in the form of a timeline or do you want a standard style split into sections? Some businesses, such as Phillips, also go for a more graphic to tell their narrative.

Don’t be afraid of being deviating and unique from the usual, as much as it is consistent with your business and brand. For instance, if you work for an accounting company, you should absolutely keep to the usual form. This includes information about recent accomplishments and awards.


  • Tell us a story

When you are trying to get the audience to pay attention to your business, you need to tell a compelling story. It is not sufficient to give merely figures and dates, you must make sure that your reader is on board while guiding them through your company’s journey.

Whether you grew up in the family business or started with a lemonade stand, how you tell your story is an important element. And after all, not every story can be as exciting as the next. For example, consider Zappos company profile as a sample. It is a famous brand, ideal in the art of storytelling.


  • Draw an outline for your mission statement

If you don’t have a mission statement, then get down to business and create an attractive statement about the niche, beliefs, and ethos of your company. You should also tell your readers about the services you offer and how you intend to extend your business, necessarily informing them why they must choose you over a competitor.

For instance, the mission statement of Disney encourages you to believe that they can present the most creative experience of entertainment in the world. “The objective of Walt Disney Company is to be the world’s premier creator and provider of information and entertainment”.


Draw an outline for your mission statement


  • Maintain a consistent format throughout

When it comes to formulating a business profile, some creative persons can allow their imagination to run wild. Therefore, if you are one of them, take note of the given advice. You must confirm that your format is consistent. Use a similar size and font, for instance, in your headers and in the body of your text.

However, don’t overload your profile with out-of-place colors and irrelevant images. Stick to those things that complement your brand. For instance, at CareerAdict, they use specific colors and fonts (orange and black) that are carried through our every product, including social media channels.


  • Create a timeline of the company’s history

Leaping from past to present and then back again will only perplex your readers, therefore, list the company’s history in consecutive times. However, it is completely up to you whether it is done in the form of paragraphs or a timeline. It is important to make sure that it flows as well as makes sense to readers. When doing so, it is crucial not to become stuck by too many details. Instead, highlight major achievements to demonstrate how your business got to where it is now. If you run a small firm, you can add details about the development and growth of a brand.


  • Incorporate testimonies

A great testimonial can maximize the value of your brand by offering future clients feedback from another client. In B2B business, testimonials from your significant clients are perfect. On the other hand, short quotes with feedback related to your beliefs, work well in a B2B business. You want to give genuine comments to your readers without seeming too promotional.


  • Included your contact details

Now after getting important stuff out of the way, fill in the blanks with valuable details. If you use your company profile offline, then include your address, email address, phone number, and fax number (if appropriate) at the document’s beginning. At the same time, if your profile is for a website or any other online forums, just write your contact details at the bottom of the page.


  • Include a call to action

If you want to add finishing touches to your company profile, include a call to action at the end. This may be something like, “Contact us for more details”. “To learn more, visit our website”. Necessarily, you must leave the readers with something to think about and a way to figure out the answers to the queries.


Include a call to action


  • Double-check it

Finally, it is crucial to proofread your company profile to make sure that there are no errors. And after all, it is the most important piece of literature connected with your company. When you have been staring at the same text piece for hours on end, it is easy to neglect small issues. That is why you need to have another pair of eyes to go over it. Also, remember to keep your profile up to date.

Most entrepreneurs craft their profiles once, and then a year later, forget about it. To avoid doing a similar thing and keep up with the way of your business growth, schedule a reminder of the annual calendar to update your profile.



By following these suggestions and examples, your company profile will align with your logo and branding strategy, allowing you to communicate your business ethos, and ultimately attract new customers and potential workers.

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