Unique Book Cover Design ideas; Trends 2021

So, you have written a book? That is so great! You have done the hardest part and designing a book cover is not that hard just a little bit tricky maybe. Well, if you are a writer, you already know how to be creative. Or perhaps, you are just assigned for book cover design task, but hey it’s still not that hard, ok?

Writing a book includes keeping you reader engaged and do not make them sleep, bring curiosity in them and do not make them regret reading your book. These are the points that have to be taken seriously while writing a book so why not, while designing a book cover. However, it is going to be the face of your book.

And please! Do not consider the quote here that says “do not judge a book by its cover”. People judge and they will keep doing it so. You still have an audience to attract, alright?

A book cover design tells the story while containing elements such as colour, typography, pictures, or artwork to represent important ideas that are related to the content, allowing readers to understand a better of what the book is about. We all know that pictures define a thousand stories!


Why book cover design is so important?

People can recognize a good book cover from a terrible one, even if they don’t take the time to cognitively dissect it. If the tone seems awry, the artwork is corny, or the typography is just dull, a reader will simply go on to another novel that appears more deserving of the hours they will spend reading it. But on the other hand, occasionally a cover is so contextually perfect that you’d be forgiven for thinking that was the only cover the book could have—that cover design is basic and plain.

About 80% of book readers think that book cover designs play a significant role while deciding on a book to purchase. We, humans, prefer ocular experience. We have to create a design that does not drive buyers from our book to another while making a purchase.

Consider how many pieces a designer must continue running at the same time. The cover must be precise, expressive, attention-grabbing, and genuine to the genre of the book. The creator must accurately represent the plot, character types, style, and tone of the book while also leaving enough to the imagination of a potential reader to entice them to buy the book. It must be eye-catching, innovative, and marketable, although not trying to look too equal to other covers on the market.

So, have you caught the idea yet or not? If not, we have got you covered with the 10 unique covers ideas below that would surely provide you with some solid guidelines to guarantee your book cover design is catchy for the buyer’s vision.


  • Minimal cover designs; Most trendy

Everyone prefers minimal designs way too much these days. For this generation, they prefer basic tone colors with simple and small titles and author name on it and they will know what to buy. Or so, you can add the author’s picture on the cover with simple fonts and contrasting basic colours in the background.

A lot of designers also leave white or you can say space on the sides and it brings attention to the main title.


  • Do not underestimate the power of Hand drawn letters

We might have left using hand-drawn letters in everything that used to be because past few years we went so lost in the digital world and underestimated hand-drawn letters.  We only used illustration and graphics like we do for logos and branding these days.

Whereas we do not see that this generation is appreciating hand-drawn work and its back in the business, designers are using hand-drawn illustration as well.


  • Can Retro designs be on market anymore?

Of course, if your book’s theme aligns with retro, perhaps it’s a big yes to go for it. The use of some vibrant colors along with the 70s typography style is expected to be in trend in 2021.


  • Original photos

Most of the documentaries consider using original pictures for their cover designs it senses the vibe of actual emotion of what has been done and written in this book. People with an interest in documentaries and biographies appreciate the originality.


  • Bold fonts; never outdated

Plain cover background with bold and capitalized fonts was never out of trend. We all have definitely scene books with large fonts and it always attracts us, right? Why not, it is meant to attract people. Designers still rely on bold and large fonts for the readers and buyers to connect with them aggressively, it can be mean positively and negatively as well.


  • Messy designs; why?

You must be thinking that we just discussed that minimal designs have taken over the world of book readers then why messy? These designs with a lot of illustration with different fonts bold, simple, small and large on a single cover with a lot of colours sometimes and can black and white as well, are sighted in book stores. Such designs are deliberating the vibe of quirky, unique, memorable to the viewers. Mostly these designs are made for kid’s books as well.


  • Combination of texts and images

This is also one of the many designs that seem to look good on book covers. Designers consider putting texts or relatable images to sense the completeness of the idea for the book. By looking at this unique combination of both you can guess the content of the book.


  • The Pink idea

Pink? For book? Are you kidding? Oh, must be for a feminine topic? No, the Pink book cover seemed to be trending in 2021 already. Designers are picking this colour to appeal to the wider audience of being different and unique. Also, it creates curiosity in buyers to read what this book could be about.

Most of the book stores are already dominated by pink colour books, like Amazon.


  • The collage experience

You can explore different shapes and designs with collages to design your book cover. Designers use collages so they can express diverse emotions to give the whole idea on the front page. You can get creative with this design by trying different colours, textures, or images perhaps.


  • Premium designs

This premium finishing design is done on high-quality paper, different printing services are offering this design for your book. The glossy look gives premium and exclusive vibes to the buyer.

This process includes foil stamping and embossing the design and texts on the book covers. Whereas, this design pops up differently on shelves.

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