5+ Email Design Ideas For The Holiday Season

Entering into one of the most profitable times of year is not a joke and almost all the business owners know that very well. For promoting your brand visibility, the holiday season is the most certain way to increase the demand for your business. Besides, along with the holiday season, businesses all around the world juggle new ideas to reach every potential client in every practical way possible. And the best way to achieve that is through email design and marketing campaigns. So, with email achieving an international total of 4 billion users, you can consider this a way better channel to accomplish this goal of yours.

Although the holiday is one of the most cheerful seasons that brings limitless festivity and great joy. But that’s not it. It is also the time of year when people divert their shopping approach in different ways. Also bringing the trail for a big fortune and extraordinary opportunities for business all over the world. However, do you know what is the most crucial element that decides the success of holiday email campaigns? It’s the design that matters the most. If you want to drive engagement and successive conversion, you need visually appealing emails.

In this blog, we will look at several different elements of email design trends to assist you to start your holiday retailing arrangements. Ready for the dive? Let’s get in!


Some email design ideas for the season


Animated GIFs

Do you want to spark the interest of your readers? Animated GIFs are a great place to start with. Using GIfs in your email design makes them more vibrant, whimsical, and most importantly aesthetically appealing than the plain ones. But what do you think is the best part in your opinion? You may become as creative as you want with them. Showcase the assortment of yours, write a quick product description, or indeed visualize customer data in a more readable style.

These animated GIFs allow you to express feelings that can’t be expressed with words, photographs, or emoticons. As an outcome, your emails will seem more personal and intimate to your recipients. And besides, isn’t it the ideal holiday season’s goal to encourage shoppers to loosen up towards your product line?


Be interactive

There is no better way than to engage your readers physically with your emails, encourage them to interact with your emails. Well, it is possible! You have a lot of possibilities for making your worldwide holiday emails interactive, from CSS-animated buttons to integrated quizzes to image displays. Furthermore, if you are starting to feel very inventive, you could make a simple click-based game with a straightforward idea and plot.


5+ Email Design Ideas For The Holiday Season


These kinds of emails encourage the viewer to engage in it. You can see the questionnaire here in which different types of questions have been asked to the viewer about the products. Or if you want to ask about your services or about any of your campaigns, you can ask and let people physically engage with your email. I hope I’ve made my point clear about interactive elements. If utilized smartly, can make the quality of your emails way better than you think.



Let us just face it. Brands must no longer be thought of solely as business enterprises. They have infiltrated our daily lives to the point where they are now an effective component of our system. It means that marketers didn’t count on a few interactions to acquire the loyalty of today’s customers. They must also promote public debates and show that they are aware of current events in the world.

Last year, the black lives matter movement brought together corporations from all across the world to speak out against racial inequity and prejudice. However, in the years that followed, brands began to get more individuals of color, as well as people of various religious origins, races, and sexual orientations. The goal is to show that representation as a design trend is around to stay.


Bold typesetting

For advertising new product releases, future sales, and fresh deals, a bold typeface is a very useful design strategy. This trend becomes even more important throughout the holiday season. Whether you’re introducing new holiday-themed products or offering great discounts on existing ones, using a strong typeface in an email is a great way to convey that information. Furthermore, a strong typeface can be utilized to layout consumer data in an exciting and visually appealing manner, making it more inviting to readers.


Bold typesetting


In this email design, you can see that how bold typography is grabbing attention. You can’t ignore the fact that they are informing about launching a new range of tees. Well, this is what bold typography can do for you. When you want to highlight important information, you should use bold typography and see the magic.



A gradient is an evergreen design style that claims to give your email design a stylish and professional appearance. It enables you to create many layouts, each with a different version of the colors associated with each occasion. Because gradients add visual depth and engagement to your templates, it’s critical to pick non-decorative typefaces.

The selected font contrasts beautifully with the background and is really understandable. Apart from the font’s style, its color should also be carefully considered. For instance, because the background in the email is darker, the text should be maintained white to provide a beautiful contrast.


Geometric shapes

When marketers include visual graphics in their mailing lists, they frequently include some form of cryptic language as well. This is usually conducted to complement both the copy and the products that have been highlighted in the email. While this isn’t always a poor strategy, it could end up backfiring at times. We can’t really expect the viewers to have the tolerance or energy to connect with and comprehend your picture in order to understand your message.

So, how can you make your template design both visually appealing and non-cryptic? Geometric Shapes in two words. Encircling your design with geometric circles, squares, cones, polygons, is really effective style technique that really can enhance the work look of your holiday emails greatly.


Data visualization

f you want your customers to take a more active involvement in the findings you’ve gotten from their use of and connection with your brand, data visualization is your best choice. Statistics findings will always pique your subscribers’ interest, as long as you deliver them in an appropriate manner. Let’s say you’re developing an eCommerce app.

So, if you email your client an Excel document with information as to how much they invested in every product line, it’s likely that they won’t even open the attachment. You are considerably more likely to capture their attention if you send them a pie-chart summarising the same information.

Because it enables highly targeted and individualized messages, brands usually appreciate delivering messages with data related to an individual’s profile. Yet, at the very same time, they must be clever when it comes to data visualization.


Background colors should be softer

The usage of softer backdrop colors in email designs has been quite popular among both marketers and recipients in recent years. There are numerous explanations for this. Soft backdrops, for example, allow firms to promote a content-first strategy. It’s because they’re able to effectively draw the viewer’s attention to the material contained in their emails by using soft backgrounds. As an outcome, they will be able to encourage more contact and participation.

All of these things assist in quickly finding and identifying you and your products, services, etc. In short assist in logo and branding.

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