8+ Tips to Upgrade your Email Marketing Game

Have you ever experienced no response from your clients when you are retargeting them using an email marketing campaign?

Are your emails being read or ignored, or maybe ending up being marked as spam or blocked? There can be many factors that might make your customers annoyed.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your leads and turn them into your customers but if you are not doing it the right way it would end up being unnoticed by clients, and your emails might end up in the trash.

If you are facing similar problems then don’t worry, we will have a look at amazing top tips which will help you get your clients to click on your emails and then respond to a call to action, increasing the probability by 80% to get more leads.

These effective tips are adopted by professional email marketing services.


10+ Tips to Upgrade your Email Marketing Game


  • Create your Subscriber list

Create your subscriber list and always keep on updating it, it always contributes to reach the maximum bandwidth and increase the chances to get more leads. Make sure your website signups, newsletter subs are all are being saved and updated in the email list you are utilizing for email marketing.

Create your Subscriber list


  • The Resending Strategy

Usually, 7 out of 10 people don’t even bother to open your emails, that might be due to several reasons.

To encounter this problem, resend the same email to the customers who haven’t open your emails with an entirely different title. This increases the probability that they might check your emails in the second attempt.

Make sure your subject headings are appealing enough to get the attention of the people who haven’t responded to your emails.

Try to focus on optimizing the subject heading while sending your email for the second time.

Also, make sure that the duration in which the second email is delivered takes at least an interval of 4-5 days.


  • Use Hooks in your Subject Line

Make your subject lines catchy by using a cliffhanger, which bound your customers to click on your emails. Craft your subject lines in such a way that they are optimized and include a curiosity element that makes your customers click on your email ids.

Some of the best examples of catchy subject lines are

“Watch this FREE training class before…”

“You missed the big announcement…”

Leaving the subject lines incomplete followed by an ellipsis generates curiosity level among the customers.


  • Focus on Preheaders

Just like the subject line, the preheader plays a very important role in email marketing. It’s because preheaders are limited and highlighted portion of your email usually users see first. Utilizing the preheaders is the most effective way to boost your engagement.

Focus on Preheaders
Source: rejoiner.com


  • Optimize your Subject Title for Small Interfaces

Most of the emails are viewed on smartphones nowadays, which limits the visual spacing of the subject line, due to that the probability of viewing the subject cliffhanger decreases.

The best way to deal with this issue is to optimize your subject using minimal characters. While doing it make sure you don’t kill the actual meaning of it while trying to trim the length of your subject line.

Optimize your Subject Title for Small Interfaces



  • Use Frequency Capping for your Emails

As discussed earlier, sending emails frequently can make your customers frustrated. Each of the customers has their limits to read, if exceeded your emails might land directly in the spam folder or you might even get unsubscribed.


Use Frequency Capping for your Emails
Source: sleeknote.com


The only solution to that is you set frequency capping, which is a feature that controls the numbers of emails being mailed by the mailer in a particular time frame.


  • Keep it Minimal 

Avoid storytelling in the description of your email. According to research, emails with short text and length have a higher probability to land in a primary tab, which is a bonus because primary emails are mostly considered to be premium and have more chances to get clicked on once.


  • Conduct A/B testing for your Email Campaigns

Testing your emails with A/B testing before launching is the best way to improve your email marketing campaigns. The more you test your emails the higher are the chances your campaign will flourish.

As you gain an understanding of email marketing you would discover strategy on your own.

Key elements you need to focus on while performing A/B testing

  • From
  • Subject
  • Preheader
  • Email Copy
  • Call to Action
  • Keep CTA (Call to Action) Button

As a digital marketer you can come up with creative and optimized subject lines and preheader with a perfect hook to make your customers click on your email, but if you are missing out on a creative easily accessible call to action, then your campaign might get a downfall in missing out the leads which could have fallen in your goal.

To get your customers to perform the last action, make sure you are using only one CTA per email, and it’s easily visible to take actions upon.

Keep CTA (Call to Action) Button


Over to you

The more your practice with your email testing the more you get better at understanding what type of emails your customers are mostly responding to.

If you have any issues regarding email marketing, you can simply contact us, and we would provide you with the assistance of our email marketing experts.

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