The Advantages of Twitter Fleets

Who would have thought that a microblogging platform like Twitter might be releasing a powerful update that will be advantageous for individuals, companies, and Professional marketing services?. Twitter launched its new feature in late 2020 as Twitter Fleets, the name is catchy itself and depicts the idea.

So, what fleets are? Twitter Fleets are comparable to Stories, which most of the social platforms are already embedded with. Fleets are not much different from stories but having such an opportunity on Twitter can be useful.


The Advantages of Twitter Fleets


The working process of Fleets

Fleets cover the moments which people are fleeting about. They are just like stories on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

– Fleets of your followed audience is appeared on the top section in bubbles and can be also accessed by tapping in the user’s profile picture.

– Fleets also support tweet sharing which can be traced back to the original tweet share.

– The Default time of Twitter Fleets is 6 seconds.

– The maximum length of fleets is up to 30 seconds.

– Fleets last up to 24 hours of timeframe.

– Up to 75 fleets can be uploaded every day.

– Fleets support Direct messages with emojis.

– Everyone who has viewed Fleets is listed under the specific Fleet section.

The Advantages of Twitter Fleets


Marketing with Fleets

Twitter Fleets allow you to boost your marketing strategy. By uploading tweets as fleets, the basic tweets will get more exposure and engagement since its being highlighted on the top of your fleet section, so even if your audience misses out on any of your tweets, they can access it by your fleet highlights.


Showcase your Face

Interacting with a real human being provides the audience a connection they can hold on to.

You can share your daily thoughts, motivational tips, stories while capturing your face that might engage your audience to the next level, which a basic tweet won’t do normally.

Showcase your Face


Giveaway Contests

Conducting giveaways and contests, while using fleets to market them is one of the greatest ways to do that.

The contest’s whole process and its timely updates can be uploaded via fleets, which would keep your participants in a loop.

Here you don’t need to delete fleets as they get auto removed after the time limit of 24 hours, which helps in avoiding confusion for the customers viewing outdated highlights.


Emergency Updates

There may be some times when you need to update your followers about something important that’s where you can use Fleets to make it easier for your followers to find your post and feel more connected to you.

For example, you work at an Electric company and there is some technical problem which needs to be fixed, due to which electricity will be out for 25 minutes. Such posts will help to create awareness so that they can get prepared before the cut-off.


Shoutouts and Retweet game

Doing a shoutout for someone, and expecting it in return is also possible using Twitter fleets because it lets you share tweets as fleets. Anyone can share your tweets as their fleets which will pin your tweet to the board and publish it in their fleet highlight that may provide massive exposure to your account, and you may get more followers as well.

It’s a great thing to exchange followers with accounts that are similar to your niche.


Comparison with Stories

Fleets are similar to stories but also a bit unique, as they are dedicated to Twitter. Let’s have a look at those features.


  • Video Length

Unlike Instagram and Snapchat stories where you can post longer videos and snaps, Fleets are more focused on text and small video clips up to 30 seconds longer.


  • Stickers

Other stories on the different platforms provide you with a variety of customization and stickers support which you can use to make your stories look more visually appealing, but Twitter fleets don’t support such sticker updates.


  • Filters and Frames

Stories on Snapchat and Instagram support a collection of filters and frames that can be customized by any user as well.

Fleets do not support filters yet.


  • Doodling

Twitter fleets also don’t support the doodling feature yet, which other platforms provide.

The major focus of Twitter fleets is to promote texts, shot clips, and images.

Even after missing out on such features, it greatly impacts the tweets and magnificently engages the audience.

Twitter keeps on testing its products, and maybe in near future, it launches new upgrades on Twitter fleets which might also contribute to receiving more great exposure while performing Digital Marketing, or Branding Promotions of any Brand.

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