A Small Guide: Do’s & Don’ts of Logo Design For 2021

A logo isn’t just a normal visual asset, it’s a critical marketing resource that is used to build a brand and establish its true identity. An appealing logo can make your business successful, in other words, a logo is just like a coin with two faces – logos also have an influence on fame or defame a business or brand. Therefore, while designing your Logo Design you have to consider some Do’s & Don’ts to make your Logo attractive and professional.

In this guide, we have mentioned some graphics experts’ suggestions that will assist you to develop a top-notch logo identity. Some do’s and don’ts are mentioned below.

A Small Guide: Do’s & Don’ts of Logo Design For 2021


The Do’s & Don’ts of Logo Design in 2021


  • The Contrast

The Contrast


The Logo contrast and the logo background contract must go in synchronization maintaining a proper balance. A logo with a similar color background can impact negatively the design and look and feel of the logo.

Therefore, the logo and background colors should contrast well with bright and dark colors.


  • Brand Colors

Brand Colors


All logos have brand colors that are also required for the brand guidelines of the company. Before you proceed towards the Logo & Branding you should predefine the color palettes you would use throughout your brand.

After deciding on your brand colors you can proceed with your Logo Design, and it will help you connect with your audience.



  • Multiple Variations

Multiple Variations


While getting your logo designed make sure to craft multiple variations of your logo, so that the best variation can be selected that suits your brand the most and uplift its niche.

Once the logo is selected, craft further copies of it in different sizes and formats that would be used for several purposes. For Example: Displaying on all social platforms, websites, Printed on your stationery and merchandise.

If your logo consists of a symbol and a brand name unlinked with each other, you can try changing placements of your logo and text for optimal logo placements for different platforms.


  • Research your Niche Competitors

Research your Niche Competitors  


One of the best approaches before crafting your logo design is to consider your competitors for inspiration. Your competitors have already done the research work – that would help you to brainstorm your logo ideas more conveniently.

Observe the logos and see what concepts you admire, implement those in your logos. Make sure not to copy the entire logo of your competitors since it’s not a good approach and would create a negative impression in your customer’s mindset.




  • Don’t Overdo


A logo is used to define a brand and is self-explanatory. Try not to make your logo complicated else it would be hard to memorize and recognize the key elements of it.

The more minimal your logo is the more you would be able to highlight the main features of your niche. Trust us less convey more, keep it to the point and keep it minimal.


  • Using more Fonts

Use only two fonts in your logo, using more fonts in your logo might kill the purpose of it and might make it look messy and complicated. Using fewer fonts will help to convey your message to your customers more effectively.

Moreover, utilizing more fonts might mismatch with your merchandise and Stationery like Mugs, T-Shits, Letterheads, Business cards, etc.

You can find minimal and professional fonts at Google Fonts, it’s one of the professional platforms that huge organizations consider to use fonts.


  • Don’t Replace your Logos Often

Proposing replacement to your logos might cost you more than you expect, moreover implementing changes to your logos will not let your customers develop a connection with your brand due to the rapid changes in your logos.

Replacement in your logo or frequent changes can be a loss of your customer base, in the end, so try to stick to your logo design and do not implement changes or replacements until required.


  • Don’t use photos in your Logo

Do not use photos in your logo, since the logo is not a photo. Crafting the logo requires skills with a pinch of creativity. The brand logo must showcase uniqueness, freshness, and relativity with the products and services offered by your brand, so avoid using photos in your logo because it might backfire and spoil the effectiveness of your logo.


Over to You

Logo design is one of the critical processes during the establishment of your business. It is the first visual element viewers get exposed to before they learn about your business. So it has to be high-class and appealing to get the most out of it to generate more leads. By adopting the above-mentioned tips you might be able to craft a highly appealing logo.

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