How to find Instagram Influencers that market your Business

The social media era is an ever-changing landscape. You can’t generate a good amount of followers without adopting proper strategies. That is why most of the organizations opting for Digital Marketing consider influencers to help them get followers on social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

In the past few years, most of the brands are collaborating with influencers especially Instagram Influencers, that have a following in masses and admirers that consider their ideals. Instagram Influencers can help you broaden your audience if they have a niche related to yours.

For example: If you own a Cosmetics business and you approach some Influencers promoting Skincare and lifestyle then you might get more exposure in that particular niche due to a particular niche-related audience connected with their Instagram.

This blog will assist you in finding the right influencers for your brand for Instagram specifically, and whether it would be a one-time campaign or they will represent your brand regularly.


How to find Instagram Influencers?

Define your Brand Values

Your brand values represent the things your company cares about the most.

This might include environmental sustainability, accessibility, and other causes, or some particular variables your organization offer, like high-class logo design services, premium printing, etc.

Having an idea about what your brand cares about is important. For example, Your brand values prefer environmentalism, and the influencer you are about to collaborate with also cares about environmentalism, this is required to avoid confusion between both individuals.


Define the type of Campaign

Define the time duration for which you need to get an influencer for your company. Do you require an influencer to post on their Instagram once, casually or do you want someone to generate leads for your business and promote your brand consistently?

Identify your requirements and seek Instagram

Influencers who have a certain amount of experience reaching the goals you would like to accomplish with your campaign.


Do your Research

It’s a must to conduct detailed research on your potential influencers before you start working with them. Research on the number of followers they acquire on their handles. Cross-check that they haven’t used any bot to generate a fake following and all the followers are legit. DM them and conduct conversations that will they be able to work for your brand and implement different strategies to provide maximum exposure to your brand. Check if they have an old working history with previous clients and what was their feedback on that.


Post a Job Listing

If you want to hire some Instagram influencers on regular basis you can post a job opening for Influencers on your website and all your social media networks. Make sure to include detailed information about what you require and what would influencers get in return to make sure it’s a thing they can accomplish or not. Use your niche knowledge to make sure the one you are hiring can fulfill all your milestones and have enough experience in your niche to accomplish your marketing goals.


Find out the Influencers goals

You need to know the vision of your Instagram influencers aligns with your brand vision and goals. So it’s a good start to opt for the people who can portray to brand better than others. If they are already working in a niche related to yours, then they don’t have an interest in that particular niche and they won’t be able to do it in the right way.


Check the audience size

An Instagram influence having an audience above 100,000 would be an ideal candidate to approach for your niche requirements. Most of the Instagram influencers have a small following and they don’t contribute much due to inactive followers and less audience. Do verify that their followings are related to your niche and fit your target audience perfectly.


Follow hashtags related to your niche

On Instagram, you can follow hashtags as well besides accounts.

You can follow top trending hashtags related to your niche and seek new trends and viral stuff going on, that you can adopt to expand your audience.


Reach out

Once you have considered all the above steps you need to reach out and take the final action. The best way to reach them out is by starting a conversation in their DM or approaching them on their business inquiry email. Start by explaining to them the points mentioned below.

  • What your business or brand is about
  • Your campaign idea
  • Why you prefer their account and why they would be the best fit for you

As you proceed ask them about what their promotional charges would be, and what would be the proceeding schedule and execute the process if they are interested and there you will have a highly dedicated Instagram influencer working for your brand.

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